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3 people went in... This is a Who am I thing.

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If there are offending words it's just a story game. Rate if you like this game. This may be a total different personalities from one of you guys.


Chapter 1

3 Personalities

I want to help people through mental illnesses and make people not psycho. I have experienced love and happiness above the sky! I love cats!! I feel like a social psycho butterfly but friendly to everyone. My idol is my father. My last name is Taqvi. I hate hypocrisys. I love nationalism around the world. Religiousness is okay. My favorite movie is Conjuring. I don't have a look alike I am my own person. My hobbies are Reading, writing, cooking, talking . Darn! is my favorite word. I love french fries I don't know what I like them maybe it's the shape, size, taste, I just love them! my inspiration is Dumbledore there's just something inspiring about him. I have a thing with the internet. I live in the beach. My ultimate song is Jason Mraz's I Won't Give Up. Who am I?


I am awesome! My last name is Khan. My personality is complex. I hate hypocrisy, intrusive, and selfishness in this world! I love caring, peace, love, and harmony in life! Money is okay but it can sometimes ruins people's lives. I live in Pakistan. My fave song is million! Million is probably my most favorite number! I love life! I have all kinds of favorite movies! I love all kinds of foods fast, spicy, bbq, and pizzas and now I am hungry cooking vegetables at home. I love all kinds of things sports, internet, novels, music,and most of all fun. I have real variety! I love horses and wolves! My favorite words is cuddles because I like the texture of furry stuff! I experienced before and still now Love, happiness! above the sky! I want to have a useful, fun, and unique career to prove to people you can have fun at work! I love reading, inventing, and the internet! Love ya guys! My idols are mannnyyy: Dr.Abdul Qadir Khan, Quaid e Azam, Hazrat Muhammad, The four Khalifas, Abdul Sattar Edhi , and lots of them. I have got many inspirations. Who am I really?

Chop Chop! Nice to meet you guys. I want to be a chef. My middle name is Blade. I look like a superhero or maybe a villain? I am really friendly and you can tell. I hate enemies they just bother me somehow. I love food so much I can eat food all day. My parents are a lot of things at times. My favorite word is the D word not the nickname for Richard but the Dam word but with an n added to it. Have I told you on how much I love food? It's delicious I have an obsession and thing for it too. I have experienced sadness I feel like I am the oddball in life. Onions make everyone cry and that's why I cook them to let them experience sadness with tears. My favorite food is Hot Chips. Yum and Spicy! My favorite song is Fader-Temper Trap. I live everywhere to travel around the world to know all kinds of foods with a dark cupboard. My idol is Will Smith and that's why my favorite movie is After Earth. My middle name was after this special blade that made me be a cooking prodigy. Of course, my hobby is eating. My favorite animal is a pig because you can eat them too! Who am I? Am I a vegetable? Fruit? Creepy Pasta? Bread? Apple Sauce?


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