To Whom It Concerns

So this is kind of a different format for me, and it's a love poem in the form of a letter from me to him.

Let me know your honest thoughts on this poem. If you have any criticism, please let me know ^.^

Chapter 1


To whom it concerns,

I have all these thoughts and all these feelings
that are spinning with the butterflies inside my head
making me dizzy and weak to my knees
but also far from dead.
Yet, my body is fragile
and my lungs are burning
in such a way that I can't feel my breath
causing all my emotions to be yearning-
and it's driving me to the edge of madness
only to make me want to scream your name
so I can jump and hope for the best
instead of being stuck inside a cruel game.
So the only thing left to say is this has to be love
for nothing else would make much sense
and pardon my language
but it's making me so damn tense.
Funny thing is, I don't want these feelings to go away
despite the pain that keeps me awake at night
because I honestly love you more than anything else
and in the end I know this has to be worth the fight.


PS. You'll always be worth the fight
more than I can ever show you
for darling you're the only one I ever wanted
and to the end of time, I'll always love you.


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