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Chapter 1

Information about the Story

This group story is going to be based on the same idea as my single author story:

50 years after Chasity and the rest defeated the evil has passed and all remains of dream walkers to the six chosen families have turned up dead in mysterious, sinister ways. However, the darkness has risen up again. Little by little, piece by piece, and the evil is gaining more power, more power than before and now he's out for vengeance. The darkness isn't going to stop until the last bits of humanity are under his control or dead. Learning about his goals, Mr. Xavier Thomas- the mentor to all dream walkers must search for dream walkers even though many believe they are extinct. It's his only choice that he has left if he wants to keep the world in its current state and away from endless darkness. His hard work pays off and he discovers six new teenagers (3 boys and 3 girls) who have their whole lives ahead of them. None of them are aware of their ability, for it's been hidden from everyone since their birth. They must learn about this ability quickly along with the one other distinctive power they possess if there's any hope that the evil can be destroyed.

With skepticism in each of the six teens though, will Mr. Thomas be able to convince them to follow their dreams and arrive at the base to start training? Will their abilities be too raw and undeveloped that his whole plan will fall apart? Can the teens gather their strength and work together despite differences between the light and dark dream walkers? Will friendship, love, drama, desires, and pain become too much to bear? Can the six stick together and defeat the all powerful darkness?

The questions will later be answered and it's unknown to any of them. They all need each other though if they want to live in freedom instead of die trying.

Extra Information
1.) Light dream walkers are the dream walkers that are in charge of creating and controlling pleasant dreams.
2.) Dark dream walkers are the dream walkers that are in charge of creating and controlling nightmares and fears.
3.) The darkness will be at his uttermost strength when he's walking around in the form of a man and when he becomes fully human, there's no longer a chance to stop him.
4.) There will be training sessions both in reality and on the dreamscape to prepare these six and develop their powers.
5.) It's go big or go home. If they destroy the darkness, they destroy him forever, but if they don't, humanity is done for.
6.) Fantasies are just as dangerous as nightmares in this story.

Information for the writers before I give the character information
1.) Make your characters diverse
2.) Remember that the dream walking is the main power and the other power is just what makes them stronger and more different.
3.) If you sign up, make sure you pay attention to the next chapters that will reveal who makes it and who doesn't so this group story can start quickly and smoothly.
4.) Everyone will be given 1 week and 3 days unless I'm notified otherwise.
5.) If you sign up and get in, please take part actively. I'll be asking for everyone to pitch ideas and make this story more unique.
6.) Also if you sign up and get in, please don't back out because then this story will be unfinished.
7.) Your characters MUST have a handful of fears (even the dark dream walkers must have them)
8.) Your characters MUST also have flaws in the personality and appearance description.
9.) Not every character can be an orphan, I'll be accepting maybe 1 or 2 orphans only.
10. The characters ability MUST have a drawback to it.
11. This is NOT first come, first serve. I'll be choosing the characters that I feel have been given the best descriptions and that will fit in the story the best.
12. And most importantly, have fun while making your character.

Character Information
Nickname: (Optional)
Gender: (I need 3 boys, 3 girls)
Age: (16-18)
Light Or Dark Dream Walker: (3 light, 3 dark)
Distinctive Other Power With a Limitation:
Family Background:
Love Interest:

My Character
Name: Volante Elaine Summers
Nickname: Vola
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Light olive skin with faint freckles splattered across her face and a brown birthmark on the upper left part of her forehead, coffee with cream colored hair that's naturally wavy but almost always seen in some sort of braid, almond shaped light brown eyes, she's a little taller than average height (5'7) and average weight for that height (140 lbs) with a medium frame and straight figure (shoulders and hips are about the same width), she has a small upturned nose along with ears that barely stick out. Her wardrobe consists of casual comfortable styles in all sorts of colors ranging from light and dark, the most persistent color found though in her closet is an apricot or pale orange.
Personality: Kind, Caring, Helpful, Idealistic, Happy-Go-Lucky, Book Smart, Doesn't use common sense all the time and can come off as spacey, Passive, She is known to push negative emotions back to keep them bottled up, Oversensitive and panicky when they bubble over, and Disorganized
Light Or Dark Dream Walker: Light
Distinctive Other Power With Limitation: Flight but suffers from sickness afterwards if not careful in terms of speed, time, and height.
Fears: Deep Waters, Fire, Failure, Losing Loved Ones, Cats, Darkness, Public Humiliation, Pain, Death, and Being Forgotten
Desires: Finding Love, Giving her loved ones the best they deserve, Recognition, Travel, and Finding out about the unknown
Family Background: Her family is considered the average family. Her mom's a teacher, while her dad's a lawyer. They push their kids to do their very best in all aspects, especially school since they believe education is the root to happiness and success. However, they love their children despite being protective, tough parents. They ultimately just want the best for Volante and her three brothers. Her three brothers include a set of twins named Dante and Devyn, who are 19 year old boys that are away at college but both keep in touch with Volante since they take the older brother role seriously. Then there's Lucas who is 14 and the baby of the family. This six person family has been through what a normal family has been through like death and high tension, but love always comes through for them. Their ancestry background is half Italian and half English.
Love Interest: TBD

Thank you all for reading this, please sign up and let the cards fall into place :)

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