Congratulations, my fellow Quibblonians. ;o

Congratulations, my fellow Quibblonians. ;o

I haven't even played any Assassin's Creed game ever, haha. xD I'll just use a few of the images that I didn't get to use for my R.P.G Scenario mega quiz I published last month. Er, anyway - what I want to say is down below.

Chapter 1

Thank you to Natasitsa for establishing this idea! I decided to...

delete the friends I have on Quibblo that I either have not talked to at all; have not taken any of their content out of pure disinterestedness; have come across as over-sensitive or just annoying; have not logged in for a loong, long time or people who I send invitations to my quizzes, stories or other publications - and they have made little to no effort to express that they have at least looked at one of them.

So, well done to everyone that is still on my friends list! I never had that many friends on Quibblo to start with - one, because I admit...I can be pretty pretentious, two, I judge people's credibility and nature by their profiles - if I don't like it, I tend not to add them, three - well, I don't want my inbox to explode or blast off into space and I'm just a horribly picky person.

I apologise for being so ignorant of everyone's invitations in the past, honestly. Please forgive me and thank you so much for reading all of this blab.


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