Sweet Vulnerability

So first of all, I'd like to thank Jayden for helping me with some of this as I wrote this whole thing out to her over texts, piece by piece. So thank you Jayden.

Second of all, I'd love to hear your honest opinions on this poem. Constructive criticism would be extremely helpful.

And lastly, thank you all for reading this.


Chapter 1


During the midnight hour
I'm found beneath the covers
feeling so vulnerable
but wishing for us to become lovers--

Where forever and always can be our promise
and passion and serenity will become our forever and always,
so we can know where we stand
and be aware of the other's callings
until death does our part
or we fall from where we once stood,
but you're way over there
making me wish we could love each other like we should,
because darling, oh darling
I love you has became my whole life
and all I want is to say that phrase to you,
so darling, oh darling- we can save each other from strife--

But you're way over there,
and I'm right here on top of my bed
feeling so vulnerable in this late hour
with the thoughts of you still inside my head.


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