A Rant; About Some People

Chapter 1

Some people are unbelievable.

After a lot of thinking, I’m going to write this. A rant about some people, people who think they are superior or maybe they own this world or even God because of their religious beliefs. Now, first of all let me make this clear, God is not yours only, he is for everyone. He loves everything, everyone he creates. No matter they worship him or not. He still loves them. Second thing; Religion and belief is a personal matter of god and his creation. No third person can jump in and kill you or chop your head because of not worshiping God. God himself has said; “I can forgive you if you do not pray, fast or follow; but I cannot forgive you if you hurt my creation weather human or not.”
Now, the country where I am living, live many stupid people. Who say that if you don’t worship God or if you don’t believe in his last prophet, in simple words; if you are not a Muslim, you are a disgrace. So basically if I convert to Islam, I’ll be wonderful? No matter what I do? Steal, kill, lie? I’ll still be wonderful because I’m a Muslim? And those stupid people even say YES to this. I’ll give you an example. Abdus Salam, is a Pakistani physician who won Pakistan the FIRST and the ONLY NOBEL PRIZE in physics. What we gave him in return: We didn't let him get buried in his country, we removed him from our history books, we call him a traitor and you know why? Not because of his prize (Most of the people here don’t even know about it), Because of his religious beliefs. Just because of that. Because he believed in something else, and not what “True” Muslims are supposed to believe. Every year thousands of people are killed in this country because of their religious beliefs. One of my uncles also got killed. No one will become a Muslim on gunpoint, but instead they hate Islam forever. Look into the mirror and look how many people you hurt every day.
I am a Muslim. Just a Shia Muslim. A Muslim who lives in minority. And we are killed every year, because of some beliefs. Okay forget us being a Muslim, just think us as humans. We have a heart, a soul, a family. God loves us. We know that. Because he is also ours. He also loves the Hindus, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Jews, everyone he created. Because he is God. He is not a ruler, he is god, who spreads love. His messengers were always kind to the other people, who were not Muslims; but who were good. God wants you to be good, kind, loving, peaceful, calm, soft, honest and trustworthy. He does not look at your religion to send you to heaven. he looks at what you have done. Mother Teresa was not a Muslim. Nelson Mandela was not a Muslim. But they will go to heaven, because they never hurt anyone. But loved and cared. God never sent us to this world to die, but to do good, even when you are not a Muslim.
If you say that God told you to chop my head of because I don’t worship him, then you are insulting God. Because God is supposed to be Generous and he is supposed to do justice. Now just remember, live your own life. Do good and be kind. Love your religion and respect other’s beliefs. Spread unity, faith and discipline. Kick out those who kill, who have taken the duty of God, Duty of life and death.
Please tell me what you think about this, and if you still think that my head should be chopped off or something, please chop it. Because then I’ll go to God and demand justice. And he will. He will always do Justice.


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