5SOS Group Story Sign Ups? (Closed!)

5SOS Group Story Sign Ups? (Closed!)


Chapter 1

So yeah

Okay, I got this idea after watching the music video for Don't Stop by 5SOS!

Four girls, four heroines. They are the ones who protect the world when they are called upon, but nobody knows who they are. The world knows them as The Masked Beauties since they were masks when ever they transform. Nobody knows who they are, not even their friends and families are aware of it.

Through out the day, they work in their normal day jobs, but as soon as there's a scream for help and they are called upon, it's like a whole different persona has taken over.

One night, when everything is calm down they go out to have some fun, and that's where they meet Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Michael. Inspiring musicians who were playing at the club/bar that night.

That is all the information I will give out! I will give the rest of the plot away to the authors who are chosen!

If you are interested, please leave the following format in the comments.

Nickname: If Any!
age: 19-23
Celebrity Who "Plays" Her:
Day Job:
Power: Up to 3! (They all fly, and have super speed and strength!)
Weapon of choice:
Link to one of your stories:

Example: Here is mine!

Name: Danielle Bella Marano
Nickname: Danny, Bells
age: 21
Celebrity Who "Plays" Her: Danielle Campbell
Boy: I'll pick last
Personality: She is stubborn, determined, free-spirited, and is open minded. Her heart and mind never agree, but she does the best she can. She loves to laugh and smile. She's very genuine about everything.
Day Job: Owns a bookstore slash music store
Power: Sees glimpses of the future, laser/heat/freeze vision, and controls the weather!
Weapon of choice: Daggers and Gun!
Extra: Has a kitty, Pandora, and a puppy, Scout. She wears glasses when she's not in super hero mode.

Also, have the power go with the characters personality or looks! For example, my character wears glasses so 2 out 3 of her powers have to do with seeing or vision!


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