Rant Book

Well, I don't know if I'm tired, angry at the world, or hungry. Probably all of the above. I need a rant book. I like puppies. Do you? Okay.

Chapter 1

Male vs. Female.


Well, here we are.
Most people never think about this, but it just annoys me so much.

There was a time in life where women had no power. They fought and now they do. They can vote, and do everything men can do. It seems like the whole world is stuck in this time period.

Now almost every single story is told about a strong girl or told in a girl's point of view and she is so amazing, and sometimes it seems like writers forget about making the male characters have personality or do something amazing like the girls. It's like every story in the world has a good female character, and the male characters are dumb or never around enough.

You know why I love Harry Potter? Well, the main character is a boy, yet the girl character is smart and plays a big role.

Example of a story that the female saves the day and male character doesn't matter:

Ali walked in will the gun in her hand. Bravely, she walked towards the door with Brice behind.
"Ali stop this." Brice said as he turned her around. "You cannot take the Snakeman down! He is too-" Ali pinned Brice against the wall "Fine," she said. "Don't come. It's not your fight."
Brice had tears rolling down his face. "Ali, no!" Ali threw him at the wall as she opened the white door and slammed it behind her. She smirked. "Snakeman, no big deal."
She walked across the room. "Ali..." A voice called. Ali grinned. "Snakeman" Out of the sky, Snakeman emerged. Ali put up her fist. "Bring it!"
Snakeman ran for Ali, but she stepped to the left, making Snakeman crashing to the ground, and all is bones broken. Ali laughed and left the room. "Come Brice," she said. "The snake slithered away."

Okay. First, it seemed like Brice din't really need to be there. Like, at all. Ali stated that it wasn't his fight, so he could have, um, STAYED HOME.

Second, Snakeman. Brice feared him, and yet he missed Ali and broke his bones because of a wall. Yikes.

And third, Ali. I gave Ali no personality. She laughed when she was about to face the enemy, she hurt her partner, (The wall broke Snakeman's bones, it could have broken Brice's) she doesn't seem human!

Welp, that was my rant book. I will be adding to this a lot..

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