Think of the one person you love the most. Whether it be your best friend, your mother, your sister, your cousin, your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone you wish was your boyfriend or girlfriend, whoever. Now I want you to do one thing, one simple thing for me- describe them; but refrain from using one word: perfect.

Not as easy as you thought, is it?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: microwave
Kat sat guiltily in the chair next to the hospital bed of her best friend. She was constantly hitching rides on his back, having wrestling matches, and doing whatever else probably caused him to be in this state. So she sat there, drowning in the guilt of believing it was her fault he had to get the surgery. Her blue eyes watched his sleeping figure carefully, nervously. Her bottom lip was being abused by her teeth as her eyes flashed to the clock- the doctors said he should have woken up five minutes ago. But what was 5 minutes, right? That was nothing compared to thirty, or even sixty; but she couldn't help the nervousness flowing throughout her body. He might be dead, and it would be all her fault.

He couldn't be dead, though- the steady rise and fall of his chest proved otherwise. Soon enough, he began to stir, sleepy noises leaving his mouth. A small relieved smile made its way onto her soft lips; he was okay. His blue eyes blinked open sleepily, staring at the ceiling and just breathing. Then he turned to her, eyes still clouded with sleep. "I want some Jell-o."

Kat grinned at him and replied, "I'll get you some. Be right back." She quietly stood up and walked out, thankful to get a bit of stretching in, after sitting in that chair with her knees to her chest for hours.

When his best friend left the room, Leo's mind wandered back to the conversation he had with the doctor just before he went into surgery- the one that was supposed to calm his nerves.
/"So, who's the girl who came with you?" The doctor had asked him. "Your sister?"
"Oh, no," Leo had responded, "Just a friend." People often mistook them for brother and sister. They hung out quite often, and were extremely close; though they didn't look much alike. Their eyes were the same colour, but that's where the similarities ended. Their personalities, however, were a different story.
"Ah," the doctor replied, but there was something in his voice... something knowing, sort of understanding. "Let me ask you a question, Lee." Leo winced at the nickname- he hated when people called him that. "Sorry."
Leo smiled a little. "Shoot."
"Have you ever been in love?"
Leo felt slightly taken aback at the odd question. What kind of question was that? What was he implying? Could he tell just by looking at them that he was in love with Kat? ...Was it that obvious?
"Uhm... well..." Leo began, not really sure how to respond to such a question.
His doctor smiled knowing at the young boy, an adult but not old enough to be considered.. well, old. "I get it. Let me ask you another question though..."
Leo groaned inwardly.
"If you had to describe her, this girl you're in love with, how would you do it? Not just looks, but personality wise, too"
"Well, per-"
"Without using 'perfect.'"
Leo thought long and hard about what the doctor said. It was true, he was in love with Kat, and to him, she was perfect. But how could he describe her, without using that word? He felt like there was a million words he could use to describe her, too many to think of all at once. He couldn't seem to do it. There were so many, yet he couldn't seem to choose the right ones./

He snapped out of his thoughts as Kat walked back into the room, a small bowl of green jello in her hands. Leo smiled; his favorite. His two favorite things in the world.

"Thank you, darling." Kat couldn't help but blush at the nickname. She felt all.. warm and fluttery inside when he called her that. It was just one of his many nicknames for her. She nodded and walked over to his bed, sitting in the chair beside him and handing him the jello. He took it greatfully and ate.

Kat sat beside him in her cream coloured sweater and dark jeans, legs crossed and pulled to her chest, one black hightop untied; but she didn't notice. Absentmindedly, she ran a hand through his soft brown hair over and over again. He needs a haircut... She giggled a little as the thought ran through her mind.

"What?" Leo smiled his warm familiar smile at her, and she blushed, pulling her hand away to run it through her own long, red locks.

"Uh nothing.. just remembered something from the other day." Leo smiled and nodded a little.

"Whatever you say, Katherine." Kat gave him a half smile; only he could call her that. To everyone else it was Kat, and only Kat.

"You're a dork." She laughed lightly and reached down a bit to tie her shoe.

"You're a nerd." Leo smiled, watching her small figure bend over and tie her shoe. My nerd...


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