Nobody Said it was Easy

Nobody Said it was Easy

Some people just make you question your sexuality man.

Chapter 1

A Fresh Start

by: microwave
Waking up on your bedroom floor is not the best way to start the first day of the school year, especially when you're going to a new school.
It's even worse when you get woken up by your alarm blaring some hardcore music, and scaring the absolute crap out of you.
To top it all off, it couldn't get worse than shutting your alarm off and going back to sleep, which is exactly what happened to me- resulting in my almost being late to school.
That was just the beginning to my horrible day.
You would think that moving to a whole new state and going to a new school would be bad, right? Wrong.
It was absolutely horrendous.
That morning, after dragging myself up off the floor and realising I only had about 12 minutes tops before the bus got here, I had tried to reason with myself, saying it was one unfortunate mishap, and it didn't mean I would end up having the worst day ever. Of course, it made sense then.
I somehow managed to drag a brush through the mangled mess of red I call my hair before pulling on some back skinny jeans and scrambling around for a decent shirt. After a while, however, I gave up, knowing I only had a limited amount of time before I had to leave, and pulled on a black X-Men sweatshirt and some maroon converse. I nearly lost my backpack, until I remembered I had left it downstairs in the living room, very unlike me, considering I like to have all my stuff in one place.
I made sure I had the important things from my new room, not wanting to have to go back upstairs again. When I was sure I had my phone and keys, I turned off all the lights and left the room, shutting the door behind me.
In my hurry to get out the door before my psychotic sad excuse for a mother stopped me (I only had about 4 minutes now), I ended up tripping and falling down the entire flight of stairs, and landing on my back at the bottom. I could've swore I heard my brother's voice from upstairs asking if I was okay but, deciding I didn't have the time to respond, I hurriedly got up, brushed the non-existent dirt off of my jeans, and walked off like I didn't hear a thing.
Grabbing my Supernatural book bag and slinging it over my shoulder, I smiled a little at my small kitten, Samifer (named after the ship name for Sam Winchester and Lucifer, of course), who was curled up asleep on the couch- he wasn't a morning person either.
With that, I made my way out the door and to the bus stop at the end of the long driveway. This was, of course, the first day my bus driver would be late getting to the bus stop, but not late enough for us to be considered actually late for school. It was not, however, the last. Soon I would come to realise that my bus driver was prone to being late, and it would annoy the absolutely crap out of me for the next three years.
The bus finally got there eventually, about 7 minutes later than scheduled, and I climbed on. Today, however, my short legs decided to fail me and I tripped on the way up the stairs, falling onto my hands and knees. Blushing furiously, I stood up as everyone else laughed, and the old man driving the bus rolled his eyes.
"Go find your seat." His southern accent was strong.
I swallowed hard, already preparing for the worst as well as avoiding the many legs that stuck out into the aisle as I walked down, looking above the seat numbers for my name.
I eventually found it towards the back of the bus, next to a cute boy named Derek. I sat down on the outer side and smiled at him, hoping to make at least one friend, as awkward as I may be- and as much as I hate meeting people. I figured I'd need at least one person to get me through the year, or at least the day.
"Hi, I'm Evelyn." I smiled at him as best as I could.
He smiled for a moment but it faltered a bit as a slight look of disgust crossed his face. "Uh.. Derek." He said, and then turned around, completely ignoring my hand.
I sat there for a moment, confused, before I remembered: in my hurry to escape my house, I had forgotten to brush my teeth. I always have horrible morning breath, and I was usually very good about it, but that morning I just didn't have the time.
It was then that I remembered something else- I forgot to bring the paper I needed to turn in to get my locker today. I started to stand up and tell the bus driver to stop, but I looked out the window only to realise it was too late. The other couple of kids who lived a short ways away from me had finally made it and got on, and the bus was now pulling away from the only stop left, at the end of my driveway.
Now I was going to have to carry my book bag around all day. How fun.
The rest of the ride was actually decent, considering nobody even glanced my way and there was no way I could be embarrassed much if nobody talked to me and I didn't have to move. The only thing that did happen, though, was when I went to take out my phone and listen to some music for the rest of the 15 minute drive. I had out my earphones in and opened up my music app, but forgotten to actually plug the earphones in. Thus, everyone on the bus heard the first couple seconds of a song by one of my favourite bands, Pierce the Veil, which happened to be a loud guitar solo.
After that mishap, the rest of the ride was, in fact, entirely peaceful. I listened to my music the right way, and nobody said a word to me. When I got off of the bus, however, I had to pull a me and trip getting off, as well. As if that wasn't bad enough, the boy who held the door open for a couple of his friends let it shut on me, which I wasn't expecting, so I ended up hitting myself in the face. Sighing, I continued on and went to the top floor and to my homeroom, where I would only be for a few minutes before continuing the rest of my crappy day.
Well, this should be interesting.

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