In a world where royalty is no longer the same, Jonah knows he needs to escape the Kingdom.
Once he manages to escape the torture known as being a Prince, he comes upon a small village where his life finally starts to come together after he meets his innocent new friend and savior, Liam. Little does Jonah know, however, that Liam has one big secret to hide as well.
Soon enough, Jonah starts to feel something he's never felt before.
And his feelings just might cost him his life.

Chapter 1

Gone Forever... Hopefully

by: microwave
She was a sweet girl, honestly, she was, but he couldn't go through with this. He just couldn't; she wasn't for him. Besides, he knew she was in love with that man from the village. Her parents wouldn't allow it, though, and he didn't love anyone anyways, so he assumed that's why they thought it was the best decision. His parents had arranged for them to marry, and in 10 days. 10 days! He hardly even knew the woman, much less loved her. Amelia Cadestine was a princess, and a beautiful one at that. But he didn't love her- never had, never will.

He couldn't believe he was going through with this. Jonah James, a prince, was about to run away, and leave his family and the life he knew behind. His bag was packed, his plan thought out thoroughly. And tonight, he would go through with it. Honestly, he thought himslef a coward; leaving everything behind rather than just staying and marrying a woman, like he was intended to. This wasn't the only reason, however. It was his life entirely.

Being royalty came with ups and downs but, in Jonah's opinion, there were definitely more downsides. Being a prince wasn't the same as it used to be. Being any form of royalty at all wasn't the same. It wasn't a life of complete comfort or happiness (at least, not for royal children). Arranged marriages were common, as well as painful deaths. But we won't get into much detail about that right now. There's a more interesting story ahead of us.

Throwing his bag over his shoulder, Jonah began to wonder if he would ever see this place again. Most normal people would hope to, in fact, they probably wouldn't leave in the first place. But not Jonah. He hoped he'd never see this horrible place again, oh, God, how he hoped. This entire kingdom was filled with evil thoughts and bad memories. He was sure that no matter how far away he was from here, no matter how long he was going to be gone, the evil from the Basement would haunt him forever.

His breathing began to grow shaky as he reached for the door handle, turning it slowly. He pulled the door open as quiet as possible, with a speed to match, and peeked his head out even slower. There, just as he suspected, the guard that usually stood by his door was missing. Security on the entire kingdom was horrible. Ever since the idea of royalty had changed, for some reason, the seriousness of protecting people such as Jonah had seemed to fade away. Everyone pretended like they didn't know why, but in all honestly, they all knew. Almost nobody survived the Basement. Almost nobody cared.

As Jonah walked quietly down the narrow hall, he paused occasionally for any sign of movement. He couldn't risk getting caught, not now, not after all his careful planning and preperation. He walked quietly and began to get lost in his thoughts of the high hopes he had for making it in the real world. The world outside of his kingdom. He almost didn't notice the young girl walking straight in front of him. Almost- until he walked straight into her.

"Watch where you're going, Jonah!" His younger sister, Katheryn, glared up at him with icy blue eyes that matched his, only more accusing at the moment.

"Be quiet, Katheryn!" Jonah whisper-yelled. "We can't wake up Him and Her." In the Kingdoms, unfortunately, the only ones who were really admired and fussed over were the King and Queen. The children were usually frowned upon, until they took over the places of their parents who, sadly, were referred to as only Him and Her by their children. Nobody knows were it came from really, but it just kind of... stuck.

"Why are you even up this late? You're supposed to be asleep? Is the stupid guard hooking up with you-know-who again?"

"Probably. And don't worry, I'm just going out for some fresh air. I'll be back soon."

"Why would I be worried?" The pesky 17 year old took a bite of the small apple in her hand and gave him a questioning, almost teasing look. Jonah sighed and brushed past her.

"You're right. I don't know." With that, he proceeded down the tall, winding staircase that lead to the main floor, where he would leave this life behind and assume an exciting, maybe normal destiny.

Little did he know, his life was about to change big time. Things might never be normal again.

As he approached the large front doors, he sighed at the other two lazy guards passed out on the floor beside them. Drunk, probably. He began to shake again slightly as his eyes locked onto the door handles.

He would miss his sister so much.

He reached for the right door handle.

Him and Her would be so disappointed.

He wrapped his hand around it.

So many more people were going to die because of his selfishness.

He began to pull the door open, letting in a bit of fresh air.

They were all doomed to a life of suffering in the Basement, while he roamed free outside of the kingdom.

He pulled the door all the way open and stepped outside into the cool, calm summer night. Letting the door close quietly behind him, he started on his way down the large front steps and down the path towards the small neighboring village, where he would soon begin the journey of a lifetime.


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