A New Country ( A One Direction fanfic)

After the discovery of an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it seems as though there has been a perfect solution to the problem people are facing all around the world- Directioners.
Almost as soon as the decision is made, the shipping begins. Every Directioner from every country, every continent. Every single one is sent to the island, and it's set to run itself.
At first, everything seems perfect. Their own country, where they can be free to worship their boys, right?

Chapter 1

It Became Something it was Never Meant to Be

by: microwave
I watch the first punch being thrown at my best friend, unable to do anything to stop it. The girl behind me has a tight grip on my wrists, holding my hands behind my back. I can't move, but I know I need to do something.
The other girl's fist connects with my best friend's jaw, and the impacts nearly knocks her to the side. She recovers quickly, though, and kicks the girl in the stomach. The girl doubles over and clutches her stomach, wheezing.
The girl behind me is too distracted by the fight; I can tell as her grip loosens a bit. Swinging my arm up and backwards, my elbow connects with her nose and a sickening crunch can be heard- her nose breaking. She loses her hold on me completely, clutching at her nose as the blood runs between her fingers and onto her wrists, covering the small metal bracelet she wears. I catch a glimpse of yellow before the deep crimson liquid spills over it.
"Niall would be so disappointed in you." I shake my head and turn around, walking to where my best friend stood. The first girl lay on the ground in a heap of pain, fresh blood running out of her nose as well- Sierra must have broken it while I was taking care of girl number two.
My friend turns and points at a large group of girls, running at us full speed. "We have to leave." I nod and turn in the opposite direction, taking off and running as fast as I possibly can. The girls we encountered just seconds ago are with them; they're called Demons. The name fits quite perfectly- these girls are set on destroying every Directioner who's not a part of their "pack." They're set on the belief that, with every other girl out of the way, the boys will have no choice but to fall in love with them. But we all know what will happen one day, even they do, though they don't let on; there's too many of them. Sooner or later, there will be no one left to fight but eachother, until only 5 remain.
I hate doing this, honestly. Every day, I have to fight my way to the next day, only to fight more. This isn't what the fandom should be like. We're supposed to be a family, not enemies. But instead, we run around like a bunch of blood-thirsty savages, killing anyone who gets in the way of our favorite boy.
I would never do that, though. I only hurt to protect myself and my best friend, but I would never kill someone; I couldn't bring myself to it.
You see, when this country was discovered, and it was decided we would be sent here, the world leaders who made the decision didn't realize what would happen. They didn't know they weren't the only ones who hated us; we hated eachother. The thought we all got along with eachother, and if we left the rest of the world alone, the problem would go away.
Or at least, that's what I've been told.
Maybe they knew this would happen. Maybe they wanted us to be stuck on one piece of land together, knowing we would be at eachother's throats sooner or later. Maybe they knew we would go corrupt. And that's exactly why they did this.
Things used to be okay, when it first started. People mostly got along, until the government officials were selected for our country. The next thing we know, the Demons are formed, and the country is destroying itself over jealousy and fear. It seems the idea of the boys being the center of our universe and the base of our fandom has been forgotten. The only thing people seem to care about nowadays is surviving, killing, and not being killed.
But that's the problem with this country. Not only are we fighting against the rest of the world, but we're fighting eachother as well.

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