Blood is Thicker Than Water

Harry Potter group story with IHAVEANEGGBABY

Melanie and Madeline Parks are twin sisters currently in their fourth year at Hogwarts. They are both extremely smart, but choose to use their brains in different ways. Melanie was sorted into Slytherin despite her muggle parents and sociable demeanor. Madeline was sorted into Ravenclaw, although doesn't obsess over her school work and doesn't focus on her social status.
This story will include flashbacks that will be in italics.

Chapter 1

Melanie: A New Year

It seems like just yesterday my parents were taking my twin and I to Kings Cross. I can't tell who was more nervous, us or them. They were muggles about to enter the magic world for the first time...

I gripped my cart tightly. We were facing a wall that we had just seen another family run through. All of us were baffled. I looked at my sister who was staring back at me with her wide light green eyes. I nod and then look back at my dad who was holding my shoulders. He seems ready to run into the wall if need be. My mum seemed a bit more hesitant.

"Excuse me," A plump ginger woman asks. "You're first years, right? All you do is run into the wall and you'll get to the platform. Would you like us to show you?"

My mother nods sheepishly. and the woman begins to speak again. "We're the Weasleys. My eldest that I have here is Percy, then the twins are Fred and George, then there's Ron and Ginny, she's not old enough yet. I have two more that have already graduated. Oh and this is Harry Potter. His guardians are muggles too. They just dropped him off. Harry, dear watch closely now."

Mrs. Weasleys husband and the eldest, Percy, run through first then the twins and then Ron and Harry. Mrs. Weasley lets my family go in next and soon after her and Ginny appear. She smiles brightly at us as if she's our proud mother.

Now here we are returning for our fourth year, but his time Madeline and I are only escorted by the Weasleys. Our parents were murdered over the summer and we were placed in protective custody. Our guardians sent us with the Weasleys instead of coming with us. "More important things to be done then tote two children to school," they said. Harry was with us again. All of them seem to be stepping lightly around us.

"How are you girls doing? You're more than welcome at our house for the holidays," She says. She was such a mum. She was our magical mum, honestly. She wrote us and always sent us presents for Christmas and our birthday.

"Thank you Mrs. Weasley!" Mattie replies. She smiles as best she can and I reach out to grab her hand. The train whistle blows a warning and we hug Mr. and Mrs. Weasley goodbye and then board the train, Harry and Ron close behind. I held the crate in my hand tightly until we found the compartment where Hermione and Ginny were waiting. I sit across from Ginny and Mattie next to her.

Hermione almost immediately throws herself across the compartment to hug me and then pulls my sister into the embrace. "I'm so sorry you two. Have they told you anything new?"

"They say it's Death Eaters," I say. Id have to ask Blaise if he knew anything, considering his parents were former Death Eers. He ould maybe talk to Malfoy to see if his family knew anything.

"It makes no sense," Mattie whispered. "Why would Death Eaters want our parents dead?"

The question was rhetorical, but I didn't stick around to hear an answer. I took Salem out of his cage and nodded to Madeline. She knew I'd be going to see Cedric or Blaise. Salem purrs loudly as I scratch behind his ears. My sister and I shared him as well as our Great Horned Owl, Athena. That was one of the many benefits of having a sibling.

I grin as I finally find Cedric. He smiles and opens the compartment door. He's got a scratch on his face and that's when I remember he had been to the World Cup final for quidditch. I smack my self mentally for forgetting to ask Harry and Ron about it.

"How crazy was it?" I ask before he can say anything about my parents.

"It was wild and then when the fires started, we got out quickly. I didn't see to much. You should ask Harry or the Weasley's. How are you doing?" He asks.

"Fine," I respond. I didn't want to talk about that in front of his qudditch friends. They were all sixth and seventh years that I didn't know.

"I heard about that. Sorry, Melanie," I think Drew says.

"Thanks. Was Krum really all he's cracked up to be?" I ask.

"He was amazing! Massive bloke, too. All the Bulgarians were," He says. I listen to him talk about the game for what seems like hours, but in reality only gets us halfway to Hogwarts. I yawn and rest my head on Cedric's shoulder. He doesn't mind and only smiles as my eyes start to close.

"Mel, you're drooling," Cedric whispers.

I shoot up and feel my face as his friends laugh. "No I'm not!"

"Told you that would wake her. You should go get your robes on, we're about ten minutes out," He says.

I nod and straighten myself out. He stands with me and gives me a big hug. "I'll find you later on," I say. He nods and I pick Salem up and start walking to the Slytherin train cart. I find my robes and duck into an empty cart and change quickly. I then go back to my original compartment carefully avoiding any Sytherins. I would talk t them in the common room and at the feast.

Mattie is already changed when I reach the compartment. All of them are actually.

"Sorry for walking out," I apologize. I felt bad for leaving so abruptly.

"It's fine. We understand," Harry says. The other two smile at me reassuringly. The last minutes of the train ride are quiet. I was siting next to Mattie so she rests her head on my shoulder tiredly. Had she slept at all?

"No," she responds, as if reading my mind. "Lots of talking. I'll sleep well tonight. Hopefully the feast won't last long."

"Hopefully," I agree. The train screeches to a stop and I brace myself for the crowd, hoping my emotions could handle the people apologizing for my loss. Hopefully I wouldn't punch anyone.

Mattie giggles and we exchange one last look before being exiting the train.

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