Blood is Thicker Than Water

Harry Potter group story with IHAVEANEGGBABY

Melanie and Madeline Parks are twin sisters currently in their fourth year at Hogwarts. They are both extremely smart, but choose to use their brains in different ways. Melanie was sorted into Slytherin despite her muggle parents and sociable demeanor. Madeline was sorted into Ravenclaw, although doesn't obsess over her school work and doesn't focus on her social status.
This story will include flashbacks that will be in italics.

Chapter 11


I was lucky and unlucky all at the same time. Blaise had understood when I said the kiss was an accident and that we needed to stay friends, but unlucky because he had become distant. He had been avoiding me for the past month. Even Mattie had been acting a little strange. She didn't seem to be as happy and perky as usual. Everyone seemed to be changing actually. Potter was angstier than usual, but it was understandable. The first challenge of the tournament is tomorrow. Malfoy was being nicer than usual, as was Cedric. I think Cedric was still compensating for not telling me even though I said we were even.

As of right now, I'm on the hunt for the only consistent people I knew. I have an idea of where to find them, but I don't think the idea would pan out. I can see people flying around as I get closer, but no red heads. I keep walking though, tempted by the players. When I finally enter the stadium I recognize one face: Viktor Krum. I had just walked into a Durmstrang practice. I stay, unable to pull myself away. They were so fast, but of course they were. Most of them seemed to be on Firebolts. I hear Krum yelling something to the team and they all slow to a stop and hover in a circle by the goalposts. I take my chance and start to back away, there was nothing to see if they were done.

"Where are you going?" I hear one of them yell. I stop walking and turn around to see the entire team on the ground.

"I was going to look for a couple of my friends," I say.

"We can be your friends," one of the guys smiles.

I laugh. "You could, but I'm not so sure I need new friends."

"Obviously you were impressed by us," Krum says.

"Not the word I would use," that was a lie. "I would say intrigued. You are good, and I like watching good Quidditch. Good luck tomorrow Krum!" With that, I turn on my heel and start to walk away.

By the time I get out of the stadium, there's a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see the keeper smiling down at me. He wasn't nearly as bulky as the other players, or any of the Durmstrang boys for that matter. That being said, he was still more muscular than any boy I had seen at Hogwarts.

"I'm Dimitri," He sticks out a hand.

I shake it and force a smile. "That's nice. I'm going to find my friends now."

"Wait," He stops me. "Can't I get your name?"

"Hmmmm," I hum as I pretend to think. "You can't." I turn and continue walking back toward the castle.

"Why not?" he asks, following closely.

I roll my eyes. He as persistent, I'd give him that. He reminded me of a certain house. "Because, what's the point? You'll be leaving soon and we'll never see each other again."

"Woah, it's not like I'm asking you to fall in love with me, not like you could help yourself."

Definitely a Gryffindor. "Really? I can't seem to find a good quality about you."

"That's because you only know my name. But, that's not true anyway. I'm clearly attractive, good at Quidditch, and I'm really nice."

"You're arrogant, stubborn, and average at best on the pitch."

"You're still talking to me," He points out.

"Because you're following me like a little duck," I counter.

"What do ducks have to do with me following you?" He asks.

He was dense, no surprise. "Imprinting? It's a common occurrence in nature. Baby animals follow the first thing they see when they hatch and identify that thing as it's protector."

"Well obviously I don't identify someone as small as you as my protector."

"Bloody hell," I pinch the bridge of my nose. "The point is you're following me like a duckling."

"Well, you're the prettiest girl I've seen and the most challenging," He smirks.

"Challenging?" I raise an eyebrow.

"You're the first girl I've had to approach. Most of the girls here are throwing themselves at our feet."

"I have too much self respect for that."

"Clearly. What letter does it start with?"

"M." I figure it won't hurt, considering he doesn't seem to be too bright.

"Melanie?" Someone else asks.

I glare daggers at Fred.

"Oy, what'd you do Freddie?" George asks.

"Melanie. Very beautiful," Dimitri muses. "I'll see you later Melanie!"

I continue to glare at Fred as the Durmstrang boy jogs back toward the Quidditch pitch.

"I reckon you didn't want him to have your name," Fred realizes.

"At least you're smarter than he is," I say. "Why did you sound so confused when you said my name? Are you still having a hard time telling the difference between Mattie and I?"

"No. You're just supposed to be at the fourth year's dance practice with McGonagall," George says.

"Oh hell," I groan. I wave at the twins and sprint toward the lesson. It takes me five minutes and by the time I get to the doors I'm panting. I don't hear music yet so I try to sneak in.

"Ms. Parks, glad you could join us. Which one are you?" Professor McGonagall says right as I reach the seats.

"Melanie," I reply as I force myself through the people to sit next to Mattie.

"Very well, five points from Slytherin for your tardiness," She says.

I groan and avoid the eyes of my fellow house mates.

"As I was saying. The Yule Ball is a Triwizard Tournament tradition. It will happen on Christmas and begin at 8 sharp. The ball is a chance for us to let our hair down," She pauses. "We are gathered her to prepare. I will not have Hogwarts poorly represented. By the time I a through with this lot, you will all be able to ballroom dance excellently."

The boys groan, as do some of the girls. For the most part the females are buzzing with excitement.

"Now, Mr. Weasley please come here so we may demonstrate."

There are snickers from everyone. The snickers only grow as Ro makes a fool of himself and steps on Professor McGonagall numerous times throughout their short waltz.

"Can anyone demonstrate, please? It seems Mr. Weasley is incapable of a simple four-count. Anyone at all. Ms. Parks?"

Mattie and I stand together, not sure who he meant. From the corner of my eye I can see Blaise shift as if he were about to volunteer to be my partner. I take Mattie's hand and lead her to the dance floor. I lead her in the waltz just like I did when were kids.

"Joshua, look! Melanie and Mattie are dancing for us!" My mother exclaims. She pulls a camera from the end table and starts to record my sister and I waltzing together. I was leading, of course. I had always been to take charge in our joined lives.

"How precious. Elaine, I'm gal you put them in dance after all," my father smiles. "This will come in handy when the two of you get married."

"Yuck!" Madeline exclaims. "I just want to read and get a good job!"

I had a similar reaction to my twin. "Yeah, I want to live alone with lots of pets. And Mattie can live with me too. All I need is her and you guys." I beam at my parents

"Thank you girls. Now if you'll move on to the less fortunate and teach them, that would be delightful. Oh and ten points each for being so willing to volunteer," Professor McGonagall says.

I separate from Mattie and we smile at each other. I think both of us had been thinking of our past waltz' together. A hand roughly grabs me and pulls me toward them.

"Listen, Melanie. I'm sorry I've been such a jerk to you," Dean says.

"No you're not. What do you want to know about Madeline?" I ask.

"Does she have a date yet?" He asks.

"No, I don't believe she does. I'm not sure people have started asking yet, Dean," I reply. It still was two months away.

"I know, but I'm afraid someone else will ask her and she'll get taken very quickly."

"Of course she will!" I had full confidence in my sisters ability to find a date. Sadly, it was looking like this prat would be it. "If you hurt her, I will destroy you." Before he gets a chance to respond, I switch partners. As I spin with the clutzy Gryffindor, I spy Mattie and Blaise dancing and talking. Actually talking, not bickering or yelling, but engrossed in a conversation. I switch as she does and now she's in Draco's arms, who is already chatting away. That was even more odd.

As the practice came to a close I went to search for Mattie, but she seemed to have left with out saying goodbye.

"Mel," a familiar voice calls. Cedric starts to pull me away from people and into a less crowded corridor.

"What's the matter, Ced?" I ask, seeing how ashen his face was.

"Potter told me what the challenge was. He's convinced it's dragons," he replies.

"Dragons?" I hiss. "Are they trying to kill you? What are you going to do?"

"I have no idea. I just have a request of you."

"No dying wishes, Cedric. You will do fine. You can do this."

"I need you to tell me that before I face it. I need you to come see me."

"Of course. I'll find you before you face the dragon."

His face seems to gain color. "Just be careful. Rita Skeeter has been lurking about and she's a..."

"Slytherin. Turns your words upside down and backwards to get a good story. Twists the truth until it's juicy gossip. I know. Rest up, Ced. I will see you tomorrow." I wrap my arms around him tightly before we depart.

As I walk to the dungeons I can feel my hands shaking. I'm worried for Cedric. What if that psychic loon was right and my pain really wasn't over. No. I shake my head and throw the thought away. When had she ever been right about anything? All I need is a good nights sleep so my nerves wouldn't get the best of me tomorrow. I needed to be strong for Cedric tomorrow. It was all I could do to help him.

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