Blood is Thicker Than Water

Harry Potter group story with IHAVEANEGGBABY

Melanie and Madeline Parks are twin sisters currently in their fourth year at Hogwarts. They are both extremely smart, but choose to use their brains in different ways. Melanie was sorted into Slytherin despite her muggle parents and sociable demeanor. Madeline was sorted into Ravenclaw, although doesn't obsess over her school work and doesn't focus on her social status.
This story will include flashbacks that will be in italics.

Chapter 3


"Another twin. You're different though, very different. Smart like your sister, but you like things your way. Very kind, but not overly sociable like a Hufflepuff, not irresponsible enough to be a Gryffindor. Ravenclaw or Slytherin, tough choice. Tell me Melanie, are you very loyal?" The raggedy hat asks.

"To those who earn my trust," I respond.

It hums and then I could almost feel it smile. "Slytherin it is then!"

The hat is removed and a walk over to the Slytherin table, not thrilled by being separated from Madeline. We had been inseparable since birth and I was so close to being housed with her.

I smile to myself thinking back to my sorting. The first years didn't know what to expect, it was terrifying for me being a muggle born. A singing, talking hat that could read your mind was the most insane concept.

"Melanie, snap out of it!" Blaise says, calling me out of my trance.

"Sorry. I probably looked like an idiot smiling to myself," I muse.

"No one expects anything else from you, after all you are muggle born," Pansy Parkinson sneers.

"Shut up, pug face," I retort. It's not like she bothered me, it's just that's practically what every Slytherin thought about me. Most are Pureblood elitists with Death Eater parents.

I look across the table to see Blaise glaring at her. I nudge his shin with my foot and his face immediately softens. He was my only other best friend besides Cedric and Madeline. I preferred a small group of friends, it was easier to protect myself from getting hurt.

"I didn't see you on the train," he points out.

"I was with Cedric mostly. Wanted to talk to him about the World Cup," I reply. "Oy! Malfoy, weren't you there?"

"In the minister's box with my father," he says matter-of-factly. "Saw Potter and the Weasleys going to the nose bleeds." The people surrounding him snicker. Blaise remains straight faced for my sake.

I roll my eyes and continue to pick at my food. I wasn't hungry. I hadn't had much of an appetite since my parents' deaths. I was toning out most of what Dumbledore was saying and only caught something about a tournament. The tables seemed to be buzzing with excitement.


I quietly slip out of my bunk and past my sleeping roomies. I tiptoe into the common room and instantly a small fire starts in the stone fireplace. I stare at it while letting out a soundless sob. I put a hand over my mouth and pull my knees to my chest. Around this time Athena should have been arriving from my parents. They loved to know what was going on at school and how the feasts went. I would have written them about an auror, Allistar Moody, being the new DADA teacher and about the Triwizard Tournament. I still had no idea what it was, only that I couldn't compete, nor do I think I would want to.

"I knew I'd find you out here," Blaise says, appearing from the boys dorms.

I quickly try and wipe my face but it was too late, he had already seen the tears. He drapes the blanket in his hands over my shoulders and sits down next to me.

"Want to talk about it?" He asks.

"Why would Death Eaters want my parents dead? They never did anything. They had just found out about magic four years ago and new nothing about You-Know-Who. How am I supposed to live in this house knowing it could have been anyone's parents that offed mine? They're gone Blaise, they're not coming back. I'm not getting my weekly letters from them, nor am I living in my own home!"

He puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls my into his chest. He lets me cry until I can't anymore and then he simply says, "I'm here. It will be okay."

"Thank you," I say hoarsely. I reach to wipe my face only to find his fingers already there. I blush and look into the fire, hoping he couldn't see the pink on my cheeks.

"Get some sleep, Lanie. Your face is going to need it," he smirks.

I narrow my eyes as he helps me up. "So does yours!"

"I don't need beauty sleep, I was born beautiful," he says. "Maybe put a cold rage on it. You're puffy." He touches under my eye gently. He then tousles my hair and pushes me lightly on the bum towards my dorm.

I slap at the air behind me and glare at his hand. I turn back towards him and wrap my arms around his waist. He hugs me back tightly and softly strokes my hair, something he didn't used to do. When he saw Cedric playing with it one day during free period my second year, he started to do the same.

"Now for real, get some rest," he says, releasing me.

I smile and walk toward my dorms. "Goodnight Blaise, thank you again."

"Don't forget to dream about me," he says as I open the door to my room. I duck inside without responding and tiptoe my way back to bed. I hold his blanket tightly and fall asleep wondering how bothersome classes would be. Thankfully two of our classes were with the Ravenclaws and I would have Mattie by my side for part of the day.

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