Can you guys give me a hand? (Not extreamly important but help is appreciated)

Chapter 1

New Story Offline

by: Luxray100
So the other day I started a new book offline. This is one of the book ideas that has been in my head for a while and I finally couldnt keep it in no more.

Anyway here is the summary that describes it

"A long time ago when mythical creatures had almost vanished from the land, a girl begins to discover that she may not be what she appears. Raised in a high society, as the daughter of Lady Kathrin, she was sheilded from the knowledge of the disapearing creatures and magic. When a strange man appears her power is soon released and leads her on a dangerous path to discover who she is and what she can do. With humans doing everything in their power to destroy the last of the mythical creatures, will she be able to survive long enough to save them?"

Now heres where you come in. I can't think of a name for it. Any ideas?

If you have questions go ahead an ask them and I will answer them if I can.


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