Does Anyone Have Any Tips on How to Convince my Mom to Let Me Bleach My Hair?

Chapter 1

Read on my lil pizza slices ^-^ (I'm calling y'all that now)

by: microwave
So, I'm almost 15 (my birthday's in 6 days, yes, lil Annie is off to highschool this year :') ), and I've been wanting to bleach my hair platinum blonde for a while now. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to do it now though, since my hair is pretty short, and just get it cut super short like to above my ears bc I'm kinda diggin' the whole Rose Lalonde look right now. At the same time, though, I kinda wanna grow it out for a while and then bleach it and maybe later dye it red.

However, disregarding all of that for now, my mom doesn't wanna let me bleach it. I've already done a ton of research on the internet and stuff and I know what it does to your hair and I found a lot of ways to take care of it afterwards. She still keeps using the same argument (even though I've responded the same way countless times), "It kills your hair and I'm not paying for you to get it touched up every time you have those ugly roots poking out at the top!" (Rude much?)
But yeah I dunno what to do... does anyone know how to convince her to let me bleach it maybe for my birthday in 6 days or just wait a couple years or so?

Thanks my lil pizza slices ^-^ -Annie


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