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Chapter 1

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by: Grunge

Yup, so I'm back, and I'm starting things off again with another original group story! :D

Now, this one is going to be so much fun, I know it will if I get the right writers, characters, and you all co-operate with me and eachother. First I will tell you the plot and what's going on, then I'll tell you my character that I will write as. So please read everything so you understand what's going on, and follow my rules and directions. Thank you, now read on! ^-^


Main Plot Outline:

So this original group story will take place in modern times... RIGHT NOW!! Your characters will be able to live wherever you please, but only at the begining of the book. Why? Haha, very good question my pupil. The answer is, because they are all going to be kidnapped and brought to a certain place.

So, why are your characters being kidnapped, you may ask? Well, by the orders of an anonomys ruler, they were requested to escort a very important and significant being to a certain place in order to restore the balance of the rulers world. But why would they help? Bribery. Your characters have such a strong desire for a specific thing in life that they would do ANYTHING to get it, even follow the orders of a magical ruler from a different world.

So who is this being they are to escort? Well, of course it belongs in the magical realm, so it's a macical being. It's powerful, but only in it's magical realm. On earth it is very weak and helpless. It appears as a young girl. She knows she doen't belong on earth, and she trusts (most) of her escorters (is that a word?) while they bring her back to the magical world in hope that the ruler of that world would grant their wish.


This is going to be an adventure/fantasy type story with comedic parts (can be inapropriate and I will allow swearing), the occasional dramatic part, and it's going to be fun to write and read! (That's the goal)

If I don't achieve desired writerscharcters I will either scrap this or write it on my own. So please make your charcters interesting an along the lines of my rules/directions :)/



- Your character can be either male or female. Don't exclude writing as a male character, we will need those.

- describe your character as best as possible (ranging from their physical appearance to personality)

- please make the backstory interesting, as if you could write an entire story about it, like a prequel

- DO NOT make your character perfect or over powered

- make your character interesting and unlike what you suppose the other characters will be like or else I probably won't pick it

- be realistic in weight/height ratio or BMI and how much fat and muscle your character has according to their abilities

- DO NOT make your character similar to mine because I definatly won't pick it if you do that

- characters must be from (13-18 years old)

- be creative with your charcter


For characters I will need:

- the magical being (young girl)

- a shy/quiet character

- 2-3 male characters

- 1-2 other female characters (excluding my character and the magical beings character)

- an annoying character




Name: Scarlet
Gender: female 
Age: 17
Height: 5'5
Weight:  around 122 
Physical appearance: she is pretty skinny with a small waist as her body's focal point, but is still very well muscled and physically strong. She's limbre and lean. Her skin is colored porcelin, her eyes a bright periwinkle, and her hair a strawberry blonde that reaches her waist. Her lips are naturally pigmented and take on the "pouty" look. Her nose is small and "button-like". She loves to indulge herself in her beauty so finds entertainment in using makeup. Her obsession is dark eyes.
Clothing: she wears Jean overall shorts, a red tanktop with a small black bow on the top hem in the center, a pair of fingerless black and white stripped gloves that meet her elbows, thigh high black and white striped socks, and red converse all star hightops. She also puts on a black cat hat (without the face, just the ears)
Personality: she is EXTREMLEY ambitious (the most of the group) and will do anything and everything to fulfill her desires. She can be clever and sarcastic and also a little too vain and confident at times. Sh can also be naiive and impulsive, or make quick rash desicions. She'll take charge in situations a lot of the time due to her ambition, but when she is in the situation of trust she can ly back and be lazy at times. She is outgoing, sometimes friendly, and fearless. She, honestly, thinks she's invincible. Which isn't always a good thing. Although she can be caring, if you get on her badside (which with a bad first impression isn't all too difficult) you're in for a world of pain and revenge. Sometimes she holds grudges for too long and overreacts.
Skills/talents: she is extremley talented in hand to hand combat and/or using knives/daggers from taking boxing and practicing at home. She is also very farmilar and educated with the element of suprise and charm. She can pick locks easily, be very stealthy, and trick people into thinking and doing thins with ease. 
Desire: to inflict imense pain and revenge into the people who cause her and her younger sister pain in the past
Backstory: her and her slightly younger sister used to go to school together. Her sister's name was Violet. In Scarlet's eyes she was beautiful although stout and pudgy. She got made fun of at school. It started out in the lower grades and her self esteem was crushed. Nobody liked her, they all called her gross and ugly. Violet wasn't strong enough to see the beauty in herself, she began to get dangerously depressed and her peers were to cruel to care. When Violet was in eighth grade and Scarlet was in tenth, she comitted suicide. First came sorrow, then came anger and a desire for karma.
Other: she enjoys singing although she isn't the best at it. She love cats. She used to be on anti-deppressants after her sisters death until she finally figured out that she shouldn't be the one suffering in her situation.  


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