Another Round of Shout Outs

So welcome to the page of yet another round of shout outs!

Chapter 1

Information and Shout Outs

So before I begin the shout outs, I want to let whoever is reading this to know that you're a magnificent being yourself. Everyone on quibblo is truly extraordinary in one way or another and if you aren't mentioned in the shout outs or honorable mentions, please don't take it personally. There could be various ways on why you aren't mentioned.

1.) Maybe we haven't talked in a long time
2.) Maybe we haven't really gotten to know each other ever that much
3.) Maybe I forgot you (by accident of course, I don't mean any harm)

All are completely possible so don't over think it if you aren't mentioned, and if you feel like you should be mentioned in some way or another, don't be afraid to let me know that. I'd be happy to add you in.

So with nothing left to say, let this round of shout outs begin!

Shout Outs
Dallas, I miss you and I honestly can't say that enough, because I miss you- more than I've missed anything. However that's not the point to this shout out. The point to this shout out is to let you know how astonishing you are. You're 1.) protective, 2.) wise, 3.) strong (in all senses) and so much more. I have the greatest respect for you and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to say that you're my best friend, even though we haven't talked since February. I love you and nothing will ever take away from that. You'll always be in my heart and I'll always remember how you changed my world. Thank you for being yourself, thank you for being my friend. You're in all senses of the word, breath taking.
Senri, Super Senri, Sen, where should I even begin with you? Well to start, you're probably the most interesting (in a good way) person I've ever gotten the chance to know. You are people's light and I know that if anyone (including me) ever needs you, you come in with flying colors to save the day. You make me smile and laugh by your energetic, hilarious ways and I love you to death like an older brother that I never had. You truly are a fabulous person who is like the sun himself. Thank you for being a friend to me, thank you for being my light.
Rose, the fire beneath our wings- You obviously rock (there's no denying that) and I'm always so glad to get the chance to talk to you because these days we don't really talk as much as we used to. I miss the days when we talked all the time to be honest, but even though we haven't talked like that in awhile, I still think you're caring, protective, respectable and a wonderful well rounded individual. Nothing could ever change my mind and it's a real honor to get the chance to call you my friend (you're one of my best friends on here at that) so thank you.
Jenni, the first word that pops into my head about you is stunning, both inside and out. You're probably the most gorgeous person I've ever met and on top of that all you're funny, supportive, selfless, helpful, strong, honest and so much more. There's just a huge list of positive adjectives that I could rattle off and they'd all describe you. I know we really haven't talked like we used to recently, but I understand and I'll always be willing to be your punching bag if you ever need one. You're so talented and everything you do simply is superb. Thank you for everything.
Alicen! My dear good old pal Alicen! You're truly an amazing friend to have around. I love talking to you whether it's about us being random, role playing, or just having a normal conversation. Everything with you is completely something that words can't simply describe. All I know is that you're one of the best people a girl could ask for to have in her life, and for that I thank you for everything.
Like many others we haven't really talked like we used to and I miss that. However you're still spectacular and yourself. You're a unique individual who is always a great person to hold a conversation with. I love talking to you and I know I can trust you with anything, just like how you can trust me. You're so beautiful and never forget that okay? Thank you for being my friend.
Huntradee, man it's been a long long time since we talked, but you're still ultimately fantastic (indeed you are) and I love talking to you any chance we get. So thank you for being my friend.
We haven't talked in the longest time and I really miss talking to you and writing with you. However, I just wanted to let you know that you are a cool, talented, wonderful, and fun person. I'm honored to get to know you and have the chance to become your friend. I wish we talked more, but thank you for everything.
I miss talking to you! You always seemed to understand everything I was saying and I really enjoyed talking to you. You're one of the most beautiful girls on this site (inside and out) and you were always a blast to talk to, so thank you and I hope I get to talk to you soon.
Again, we haven't talked in the longest time and I really miss that. However, you're such a talented writer and a wonderful person and I know I'll never forget the conversations we shared and the stories we have written together. I'll also cherish the times that you were there for me. You're a great friend and I miss talking to you. Thank you.
Rain, so we haven't talked a lot, a lot. But you've been there for me when others couldn't. You're such a brilliant, kind hearted, gentle, and caring person. You've brought joy into my life and for that I'm forever thankful and honored to call you my friend.
Oli! There's so much I could say about you, but I think I'll begin with the word intriguing. Yes, intriguing. You're so energetic and so adorable and I love how we have so much in common with our likes and dislikes. You're a wonderful online little brother and you are way more awesome than I am. I'm glad that we became friends and thank you for being protective and caring.
Whisper, you're such this wonderful soul. I love talking to you and it's a real honor to have had the chance to get to know you. You're beyond talented and everything you do wows me. Getting a message from you is like seeing a perfect day, it feels great. You're my Scooby Doo buddy and I'll always remember and be thankful for the conversations we've had together. Thank you for helping me, thank you for being my friend.
You're a sweet, wonderful girl and I love getting the chance to talk to you whenever. Thank you for being my friend.
I know you haven't been on for the longest time and I'm aware of the reasons, but I still think you deserve a shout out. You're such a sweet, loving, amazing girl and I'm so glad that I get to call you my friend. You're awesome in every way and thank you.
CJ! We haven't talked in awhile (like the others) and maybe that's because you've been busy (which is completely understandable) and I'm sorry if our conversations sometimes get boring from not knowing what to say. However, I think that you should know that I think you're an utterly astonishing person who is always fun to talk to. So thank you for being my friend. ~~^^^~~~lol~~~~~~~~ (dun dun dun dun)
It's been awhile since we talked and every time we do talk, I honestly enjoy it. You're such a great person in so many and before I stop I want to thank you for being my friend. So thank you.
Ella, I know we haven't been talking a lot anymore, and I understand why. However, I think you're so beautiful and I know I've said this to you before, but you deserve to be happy. You're just this great person and I admire you honestly. I miss talking to you, but I'm always going to cherish the friendship we built even though the first few conversations we had weren't really conversations that can build a friendship. Anyways, thank you for being my friend and I'll always be here for you if you need me.
Chrissy! You're such a lovable person. You're kind, bubbly, and sweet. You're a fantastic friend and I know I can trust you to be there if I ever need someone. You're so amazing and thank you for everything.
First off, I love your story. (Love love love that story) and you're such a talented person to weave together something that magnificent. On top of being talented though, you're also a wonderful person to talk to and you've really been there for me recently and I appreciate the friendship we have, so thank you.
Lexi! You're such a down to earth, sweet, loving girl. You're so humble and you make people feel great about themselves (even though I still think you're all those things that you say about others) and I'm just being honest in this when I say you're a great friend and everyone loves you. Thank you for being part of the Quibblo community (without you, Quibblo isn't the same) and thank you also for being a friend.
I love talking sports with you! It's always a blast and I'm glad I found someone where I can do just that. Other than that, you're very modest and incredibly awesome so thank you for being my friend.
You're very sweet and not to mention beautiful. Talking to you is always a great thing and I love how supportive and kind you are. You're truly a gorgeous person (inside and out) and thank you for being a friend.
So we just started talking for the first time in a long time and it's been a great, wonderful thing. I love talking to you about Supernatural and whatever else. It's a magnificent chance to get to talk to you again so I'm glad we are once more.
I LOVE talking to you. We always seem to change subjects very quickly, but that's the beauty of it all. You're such a great person in general and our conversations are always very fun. Thank you for that.
We used to talk quite a bit, but that seems to have stopped. However, I really miss talking to you and you're such a wonderful person.
Esther! It's been awhile since we last talked, but even with that you're a very sweet, beautiful person. In every way you're like sugar. Thank you for being my friend.
You're such a beautiful (inside and out), genuine, kind, sweet, and amazing individual! Everything about you is stunning and you're such a great person (for anything) I admire you greatly and thank you for everything.
I know you'll probably hit me if you ever read this (sibling love right there) but I'm going to give you a shout out anyways because you're my only biological sibling and even though we may fight (like siblings do) I love you and you're extraordinary in every way by being funny, artistic and so on.
Nattttttt! I miss seeing you online, but I know you're doing okay and I hope you continue being alright. You're a great person and truly beautiful. Thank you for being my friend. (Hopefully some day you get to read this)
Mojo~ you're completely yourself and that's beautiful. Unique is good and you completely awesome. Never forget that okay? Remember weird is the new perfect. So keep your head up and thank you for being my friend.
Quibblo! There's so much I could thank you for. You've been in charge of such a wonderful community with all these beautiful people. I'm glad that I've been part of this since the first day I signed up. Without this website, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet such amazing people and you are the only reason behind all of that. So thank you.

Honorable Mentions

And to end the shout outs, let's take a moment of silence and remember all those who have deleted from Quibblo.


Thank you to everyone who is part of this community and whoever is reading this. You're all magnificent in your own way. Remember what I said at the very beginning, if you aren't in the shout outs or the honorable mentions and you feel like you should be, please let me know and I'll make sure I'll add you in a future chapter. Thank all for your time and making Quibblo, Quibblo.



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