One Choice Can Destroy You( A Divergent Story)

This is a Divergent fanfic story and hope you guys enjoy it!

By:heartofcourage17, My_Own_Worst_Enemy ,books, aryasneedle, Msdoneasha13

Chapter 1

Aptitude test

Kenna Pov

I sighed as i looked in the mirror at my red and yellow outfit. I took a breath as today we would find out our fate. I sighed as i walked out the room and went downstairs and look at my mom and she smile as i look at her.

"your ready?" she asked me as i look at her and slowly nodded. she sighed as she hugged me and i hugged her back and sighed.

"I want you to do what you want Kenna, What would make you happy" she told me and i pulled away from her surprised. i stared at her surprised she wasn't telling me to stay or anything. But she wanted me to be happy. i smile as i look at her and she smile.

"you better go. Testing starts soon" She smile as i look at her and nodded and i sighed as i look at her and left.

I look around and saw people standing around talking to each other waiting for their turn to get tested. I look and saw my friend Kris.

She walked over to me and smile "hey so your ready?" she smile as she looked at me. I nodded and look at her wondering why she was so happy.

"why are you so happy?" i asked her as i looked around again.

"Because today i get to find out who i'm really am" she smile as look at me like i was slow or something.

"i thought you already knew who you were?" i told her as i look at her and she look at me and nodded "Yes but i get to find out for sure now" she sighed.

"Kenna Robinson" A voice called. i look and sighed as i looked at my friend and than walked into the room. i saw a chair and a table there.

"have a seat" she told me as i walked over to the chair and sat down. She handed me a glass with liquid in it and i look at it and drank it. Once i finished it she snatched the glass from me and i closed my eyes.

I look around and slowly got off the chair and and watch it disappear. i saw tables with weapons and one with a book.

"Choose" a voice said

i looked around and didn't see anyone.

"choose..before its too late" The voice said again

i look at the tables again and look around the room. I sighed just as i saw a dog. It growled at me and my eyes widen as i stared at it and it ran toward me and i look at the tables but they were empty. i took off running and look around realizing i had no where to go.
i stopped running and faced the dog as it stopped and stared at me. i smile as i kneel down and patted it. I smile as i look up and heard a voice.

"Boy" A girl voice said. i look up and smile as i look at the dog and it growled and ran toward the girl and the girl ran and i instantly ran toward the dog and saw a knife appear in my hand and i took a breath as i ran and jump on the dog and stabbed it.

Just as it disappear and i was on a train. I look around as i took a seat just as a man walked up to me. I look up at him and he stared at me.

"Do you know where i can find Trina Robinson?" He asked me as i stared at him. I look at him wondering what he wanted with my mom.

"Nope" i told him as i look at him waiting for a reaction. He frowned as he stared at me.

"But i have to find her...Its very important..If you know please tell me" The man begged as i stared at him with no emotions.

"I don't know who she is" I told the man again and i woke up as the lady snatched me out the chair and pushed me to the door.

"You have to get out of here" she told me in a rush. i frowned as i stopped walking and look at her.

"wait what were my results" i asked her

"Listen the test were in exclusive" she told me. i look at her confused.

"What does that even mean?" i asked her

"You got Amity, Candor,Erudite , and Dauntless" she told me and i stared at her in complete disbelief.

"What no that can't be right, this test was suppose" i started but she cut me off.

"The test didn't work on you because your Divergent" she explained. i look at her and shooked my head.

"You can't tell anyone at all not even your parents..because if anyone finds out they will kill you..i'm going to change your test so that you get Amity. But you must decide your fate." She told me as she pushed me out of the room and i turn and stared at her.

"Good luck" she sighed as she closed the door and i went home as i thought about what to do. i saw my mom and she smile.

"how was it?" she asked me. I shrugged as i look at her and gave her a small smile" it was okay..i guess" i told her as i look at her.

"were you nervous or anything?" she asked and i sighed as i look at her and shrugged " a little" i told her

she nodded" i want you to do what makes you happy Kenna" she told me and i nodded.

"i Know mom" i look at her and looked down. I didn't know what to do.

"you should get some sleep" she sighed as i nodded and looked down. i stood up and went to my room and sighed as i laid on my bed.


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