Murder is in Session

Nikola Truth is a rookie defense attorney. Today begins his first trail of his wrongfully accused client and the real killer is among them. The steep body count with stop a verdict... Can Nikola prove his client's innocence before the killer gets to him?

Chapter 1

My First Trail

I smile as I pin on my shiny, "gold" attorney's badge. I spike up my rich brown hair and smile. I'm finally ready. I grab my case file and head to the corthouse. I head to the defendants lobby and she my boss/mentor Mia Magatama and my client Brain Payne.

" Hello Mia and Mr. Payne" I say.

" Nice to see ya, Nikola . You seem ready" she says with a smile.

Mr. Payne gives me a small nod. The short man nodded. He was nervous, of course.

" I have a-" I began.

" The trail is to begin. May the defense take there places at their bench and the defendant in his seat." A blaiff says.

We nod and of course, I got in clueless. Mia and I take are place at the defense's bench. I look around. No jurors....strange.
"Mia, where is the jury?" I ask.

" There is no jury for this trail.... It's supposed to be a new way for trails to be run" Mia responds.

I simply nod and pull out my case file. I look over all I have: the basic case facts.

Victim: John Doe
Suspect: Brain Payne
Crime: Murder
Location: Doe's Apartment
COD: Unknown, autopsy still in progress

Great! No I go in more clueless then I thought. I put my face in my hands.

" I know not much of a case file but, I believe it you Truth" Mia says.

The judge appeared at his bench.

" Is the defense ready?" He asks.

" Yes, your honor" I respond.

" Is the prosecution ready?" He asks.

" Yes, I am" a female voice says.

I look up at my " rival". She was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...


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