Made of Stone (A Harry Potter Group Story)

A curse upon you I lay,
Due to an undo pay.
Your heart may beat,
But stone it will be.....

Chapter 1


Amusement sparked behind the watching blue eyes of the young witch. The corner of her mouth twitched in a smile itching to be released, and she only half cared to keep it hidden.

When the words came, they sounded like music to her ears.

"The firs' years, Professor McGonagall."

A full-fledged grin now spread across her face and slid her eyes over to her companion. The poltergeist had a wicked grin painted across his ghostly features and he glanced back at her.

"Well, Cleo," He started, "I think you deserve the first shot."

He handed her fat water balloon then, which she gratefully accepted. She peered back at the first years, looking around the entrance hall with blatant awe in their eyes. She chose her first victim, drew back her arm, and launched.

The popping sound followed by the splashing sound followed by the shriek of the 11-year-old girl hit by the balloon were all followed by a barrage of water balloons raining down on the first year students.

As they yelped and ran for cover, Professor McGonagall's angry red face could be seen, an ager in her eyes that would make most grown wizards shake with fear.

It only added the blue-eyed witch and poltergeist's amusement.

"Peeves!" Her yell cut through all the chaos down below and made the duo stop for a moment.

"She always assumes its me." Peeves said with indignation. Beside him Cleo grinned.

"Well, I best be off before she suspects me as well." She said before taking off .

As she ducked out of their hiding place, she used the chaos they created to her advantage. It was amazing how easy it was to slip by through a roomful of eyes. No one even spared her a second glance as she slipped into the Great Hall. She even managed to get to her table without much notice.

She took her spot between Sirius and Lupin, the first raising an eyebrow at her adrenaline flushed cheeks and glinting eyes. She put a finger to her lip and smiled deviously.

She felt a pair of eyes on her, and looked across the table. Her friend Arabella looked at her. Through the friendship was an odd one at best. Cleo had first met the girl at their sorting 4 years ago, and had gotten the vibe that she was one to keep to her self.

So of course Cleo had badgered Arabella consistently. She pushed, pulled, and pried at the dark haired girl until she got what she wanted. She called victory when she got Arabella to smile.

She smiled now at the girl. It was quirky kind of smile, but it was returned.


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