I was bored when I made this. And I just clicked. Oh well, I trying to make fun of Mary-sues.

Also, everything was made to be bad, and look bad.

So if you see a mistake, IT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN!

Chapter 1

My pretty pink everything is so pretty. Mary-sue is my nameeee

I am Pinky, I am asleep and about to wake up! I wake up from my Pretty Pink bed and sit up in my Pretty Pink pajamas. I get up from my Pretty Pink bed and land on my Pretty Pink floor and I look down at my carpet, and giggle and say "I'm a cutie pie!" And then look up to see my Pretty Pink walls.

I walk to my Pretty Pink walk in closet. I look to the left and see my Pretty Pink dress. I throw the dress on and look like the most beautiful girl in the entire Pretty Pink world. I throw on some makeup to go with it and look better then ever

I run down stairs as I see my family photos with Pretty Pink background with a Pretty Pink frame. My mother see's me as I walk into the kitchen "Honey, here is your Pretty Pink pancakes as you request everyday!" She said, I take the plate and eat my Pretty Pink pancakes and thank my mother "Thanks mom!"
I said happily, my mom looked at me and asked "Why don't we have a chief for this?" I reply "MOM!!! YOUR COOKING IS BETTER!!!" She looks shocked but doesn't say a word. I think she noticed my Pretty Pink dress!

I continue down to my basement where I keep my Pretty Pink two-headed tiger, 'Life' I called out to her, Life came to the front of the cage, I called my Tiger Trainer 'May' to feed her. May feeds her and says "Life sure eats a lot" and sighs "May, I told you not to say that again!" I say to her, angry. "Oh, sorry Pinky!"

I remember the bus is coming soon, but not just any bus, my Pretty Pink bus that I have for myself and my friends! They live in the manisons next to mine so they were already on the bus. "Hey, Annabelle" I say to one of my friends "Hey, like, Pinky! Oh, btw'z did you hear that, like, Brooke was dating Mike?" She replies "No, I, like, didn't! Brooke is sooooo awesome for dating the cutest guy in school!" "Yeahhhhhh, but you were gonna date, like, him! You need to do something" "It's ok grul! I don't , like, mind, like, that!" I realize the bus just came to a stop.
Me and my friends get out of the bus and walk into the, which was, Pretty Pink, school "Oh no we're late!" Stella, one of my friends, said "It's o-, like, -k girl." We get our books out of the lockers and we walk to history class. The teacher yells at us "YOU THREE GIRLS ARE LATE!!!" We reply "It's, like, ok" "Oh, it's fine? That's fine!" We walk to our seat and I see Mike, looking at me, with those dreamy, dreamy, oval eyes. "Hi, Pinky" He says, in a flirty tune "Hey, Mike." I say to him "So, your late again?" "Yeah" "That's awesome, I like rebels, you seem to be one" I giggle "No, I'm not, hehe!" I blush and Mike kisses me, on the lips.

After class I saw Mike with Brooke, they were kissing, I walk up to them and say "You two are a cute couple!" Brooke is scared and jumps "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams, sooooo loud "It's ok, Brookie" Mike says to Brooke, and he called her a pet name! Brooke is sooooooo dead! I kiss Mike and Brooke looks at me, saying "Awwwww, you two are so cute" looking mad. I walk away like it was nothing and see a stranger, a new student even, walk's up to me and say "Hehe, your pretty" And walk away, like, whatttttttt?!?!?!!?

Anyway, at lunch I was talking to Stella and Annabelle "You kissed Mike! Brooke's boyfriend!" Stella said "I know, I feel bad for her now" We laugh about it, and we deiced to skip school so we go and walk out and call for my Pretty Pink taxi that I rarely use. "Home, please" I say, and we get drove home. I go into Stella's house for a sleepover we were planning for a week or two.


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