photo frames filled with fabricated words

this doesnt really make sense but its a peom about lying

Chapter 1


you know the feeling when you resemble a photo frame in which no photo perches?, well recently she feels as though she had no frame to begin with.

the words you speak have been filled with fabrication, she resists the temptation to notify you that she knows the truth behind the lies you articulate.

like a wolf in sheep's clothing you were never as you seemed, stealing the innocent souls from the believers during the time when the sky is a dark indigo and filled with stars.

a knife resides punctured into the right side of her back slightly under her shoulder. the crimson liquid cascades over scattered scars from past incidents involving daggers and trust.

she now understands this is the end and it is time to abandon the pain and leave. the lies have become to much for such an innocent girl she has became so filled with grief. she has been a snowflake in a mound of off white snow which lies on the ground inside a forest filled with trees, but now she is falling slowly from the sky where she can be adored by all and finally feels free.


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