Alphabet Killers

This is an original group story between epicsnicker and me AL16.

From A to Z, people will die. Celebrities to be exact. Who will die? Adele? Beyoncé? Carrie? Demi? Who knows.

Chapter 1

A is for Adam

Hazel and I sit on my bed flipping through a stack of papers with names on each sheet.

"A...Adele?" Hazel asks.

"No. She's kinda okay." I reply sharpening my knife.

"Avril, Ashley Tisdale, Anne Hathaway?" She suggests.

"No, no, and no." I reply testing the edge.

"How about Adam Richman?" She asks.

"That dude from Man vs Food?" I ask.

"Yup." She replies.

"Perfect. Method?" I ask.

"I dunno. He loves to eat so...death by eating? You know how we say 'I'm so full I feel like I could explode'? Let's make him eat until he bursts." She replies.

"That's genius!" I reply excitedly and pull my laptop out turning it on. I type in his name and do some searching to find him.

"Got his address. 8793 Gallow Street." I read off and she writes it on her hand.

"Got it. When do we move?" She asks.

"We need to find a car to boost first. I need to teach you how to hotwire cars so you can help with that too so it's not all on me." I reply.

"Okay. I'm good with that." she replies. grabbing her crowbar.

"What are you doing with that?" I ask watching her.

"I never leave it behind. I might need it." She replies holding it.

"God, you might as well marry that thing. You're in love with it." I reply rolling my eyes.

"So? You love that knife." She retorts.

"Yeah but it's practical and discreet! How the hell do you hide a crowbar in your pocket? I can have my blade on my arm, my side, my pocket, or in my boot. Where can you carry that thing?" I reply.

"You would be amazed." She replies.

"Whatever dork. Let's go. I'm gonna try and boost a mustang. Something hot and fast." I say grabbing my leather jacket.

"Sweet." She replies and follows me.

We wander around staying in the shadows until we get into a rich neighborhood. I spot my target sitting in front of a house. A gorgeous black 2013 mustang.

"Perfect." I say quietly with a glint in my yellow eyes. I sneak over to it and pop the hood quickly disabling the car alarm before opening the door. I slip under the dash and easily hotwire it.

"You'd think that people would be smart enough to learn to keep their cars in their $15,000 garages instead of out on the street..." I mutter and jump in. Hazel gets in shotgun and we take off. Stupid owners didn't even notice.

I drive us to the address and park a couple blocks back so we stay hidden and get out. We sneak to the house and scope the place out. I find a window cracked open to let fresh air in.

"Idiot." Hazel mutters as I quietly raise the window enough that we can get in.

"Gimme a boost." I say quietly and she helps me so I can jump through the window. I then turn and help her through. We look around and realize we are in his bedroom and he's curled up asleep in bed. I smirk to Hazel and we walk over to his bed.
I look to Hazel and we can practically read each others minds because I just look at her and she nods saying she's ready.

"Adam? Wakey wakey sweetie. Dinner's ready." I say in a taunting voice.

"Time for your last supper." Hazel chimes in using the same tone.
I look at her and bite my lip piercing to keep from cracking up.

"Nice." I say to her grinning.

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