Stay With Me

Chapter 1

you are drifting far, far, far away from me.
it's like when you were a little girl,
and your daddy bought you a balloon in your favorite color,
and you skipped about, clutching your balloon,
and suddenly, without warning,
the balloon slipped from your grasp
the string passing through your outstretched fingertips
the tears that slid down your face
as you watched the balloon disappear into the beautiful blue sky.
your favorite balloon, still young and full of helium,
suddenly leaving you without a bittersweet goodbye
and you stand there, shocked,
and upset with yourself for allowing this to happen.
you are the balloon
fleetingly escaping my grasp
as you flee me.

i can feel it in my bones
i know you are retreating back into yourself,
i know you are reverting to old ways.
or perhaps those old ways aren't exactly "old",
perhaps you just had me fooled all along.
please don't leave me,
please just stay with me.

darling, stay with me,
i love you and i know you love me.
please don't draw back into yourself,
please don't put up a wall between us,
please talk to me.
i want to help,
i want to help.
please allow me to help,
or at least allow me to comfort you.
please, please stay with me.


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