Deleted/Inactive Friends

Chapter 12


Hey Guys,

This one is really for everyone reading this. Now, I don't want to just write a message about how this site is dying and I don't know what happened, etc. I want to make this one out to all of you guys. People have been leaving Quibblo because of the current situation at hand. But there are some people who have decided to stick around. As we painfully watch the walls of Quibblo crumble and we say goodbye to many people, we remain a part of the site. While we witness these events, we have our friends to hold our hands. We keep on going despite that little bit of fear we feel. We're all afraid that we'll type in Quibblo's url, and sure enough, it'll say that the webpage doesn't exist. But along with being sad and scared, many of us are also angry. Why did Quibblo leave us? What's happening? Why would someone just abandon the site? None of us know the answer, except for our beloved Quibs who isn't reading this anyway. So, really, I just wanted to make a shoutout to all of you amazing Quibblonians. It is nice knowing you. And, whatever happens to this site, we can continue to carry our memories of it with us. Even if we don't have it soon, we don't have to forget about each other. Yes, we should move on and carry on with our lives, but we don't have to erase Quibblo from our minds. Each and everyone of us will be a Quibblonian for the rest of our lives. I know that this is incredibly cheesy, but I just needed to tell all of you how unforgettable you are. Thank you for reading this. I wish each and everyone of you the best in everything that you do. Here's to a new year with new obstacles, adventures and surprises. Here's to our memories. Here's to our hellos and goodbyes. Here's to all of you. Here's to Quibblo!


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