Another One of Us

Anyone can write anything that comes to their mind. With over 7 billion on the planet and with most connected to the internet, fabulous pieces of writing must show up. I encourage you, and by doing so, myself, to make a story that stands out and becomes recognised. WC43

Words: 263

Chapter 1


by: Ravering
Natalie Locke, looked around. She saw the many people who meant nothing to her, the thousands surrounding her. To them, she was just one more. To herself she thought of the smallness of life, the uselessness that she brought upon the world. Just one more trying to survive.

How did it all begin? With a single great bang the world was thrust into existence. With billions of years, our sun emerged, and soon after, our earth. Though the biggest miracle of all was life with us dominating it all. We slowly evolved into what we are today, we also gained control, but it has never been enough to stop our self-destruction or the fate that awaits us all, brought on by time.

She thought of the night before as a knot rose in her stomach, wondering if she had created another to add to the traffic, noise, pollution. Though all this would soon seem trivial to her, for as she was going into the underground, she realized.

She was part of everything else. A piece linked to all else in the universe. She could improve the world, change it. Make a good life for herself. Have a unique existence that would let her fight for and become the good in the world. It was not the past or the future that mattered it was the present, everything arrayed perfectly into the way it was by time. She was the center of her universe and therefore knew she could mold it to her liking.

And with this mentality, Natalie turned around, ready to LIVE.


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