Pearl Buttons Adventure

This is based on a story we read in English about the difference on how our early settlers saw the Maori people who were already here. It is how Pearl Button saw the world when she was taken by the Maori so this story has no racism intended, so please do not take offence to this story. This is written from Pearl Button's point of View.

Chapter 1

Pearl Buttons Adventure

“Mummy, can I go outside” I whined.
“Sure honey just don't talk to any strange black people” she said.
“I won't mummy” I said as I ran outside. The sky was clear, not a cloud in sight. The grass was as green as mother’s emerald necklace. I went and swung on the gate like I usually do for fun. I was swinging for about 5 minutes when these two fat ladies with a strange skin colour came up to me.

“Hello.” The one dressed in red said to me. I stopped swing and took a good look at them.
“My mummy told me not to talk to strangers.”
The fat lady dressed in green and yellow said “We are not strangers, we did some work for your mother last summer.”
“That’s alright then.” I said cheerfully.
“Do you want to come with us?” The fat lady said. I gave them a strange look. “We have beautiful things to show you.”
“Yes” I replied

We had been walking forever down a very windy road, it twisted and turned like a snake. When one of the fat ladies asked me ”you tired?” I noticed that they didn't have very good English, I shook my head.
“You not tired?” This made me cry. The one wearing red picked me up, I dug my head into her comfy shoulder for the rest of the journey. When we got to the strange looking house, the fat ladies put me in a room full of other people the same skin colour they were. The room was extremely dusty, it was as if it hadn't been cleaned in a thousand years.

One of the fat ladies took out my hair ribbon and shook my curls loose, another one came up to me and kissed my neck. I found this strange this has never happened to me before. One of the males started pulling funny faces, I started laughing at this, and this is probably the funniest thing I had seen in ages. The same guy then pulled out a peach and rolled across the floor so it landed at my ankles, I picked it up.
“Can I please eat it?” I asked nicely the way my mummy had taught me. The people started laughing ‘Why are they laughing at me’ I thought to myself.
The fat lady said “Of course you can eat it.” She sat down so I sat down next to her, the floor was dusty so I folded up my petticoat and sat on it like my mummy had taught me to do in dusty situations. I bit into the huge peach, the juice dribbled down my chin. I was very frightened that they were going to tell me off. My mummy would have yelled at me for that, but these guys seemed relaxed. They told me it was alright, a man with a long black piece of rope walked in. The black people got up and wrapped themselves up in blankets, rugs and feathers.

The fat lady in red carried me out to these green carts and we got into one. The scary man with the long black piece of rope was in charge of our cart. The sights were so amazing, first we saw white animals that looked like clouds in paddocks of green. Then for the rest of the ride there were big trees as tall as the sky. I tried to look through them but it was too dark so I rested my head in to fat lady’s shoulder and listened to the sweet call of the birds as I fell asleep. I felt like had been asleep for 5 minutes when the fat lady woke me up we had stopped at the top of a gigantic hill.

The man with the black rope pointed to a giant blob of blue. I was so terrified
“Is it going to eat us?” I asked
“No of course not, have you never seen the sea before?” She asked me.
“No” I said with a small voice.
The man with the rope started the cart again and we headed to a small house. I met this really nice girl there she had lovely long black hair that stretched down to her toes.
“Haven't you got any houses of boxes lined up in a row?” I asked her. She just gave me a strange glare.

Then we went off to the ocean’s edge. They took off my shoes, my stockings, my petticoat and my dress. I walked cautiously to the water that shimmered like a blue diamond. I ran away from it at the last second. Then they started digging for shells so dug with them, I finally went in the water, it was so lovely, I wondered why I was ever scared of it? I walked over the fat lady and gave her the biggest hug I had ever given someone. She picked me up and held me tight. I thanked her for taking me on this grand adventure.

I looked over her shoulder and saw the little blue men coming for us. I gave the shrillest scream. The lady let me go, as I slid down to the soft warm sand the little blue men we shouting at the black people. One of the blue people picked me up. I was crying so hard it was hard to see the black people being taken away. The blue man put me in his cart and carried me home, my mother came out to meet me. Her face was red from crying, her blue eyes were like giant sapphires staring at me.
“Don’t ever do that again Pearl.” My mum sobbed.
“I won’t mummy, I promise.” I said.
“Can I ask you one last question mummy?” I asked as she tucked me in.
“Sure honey, anything.” She said.
“Why did they take me away?”


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