The Awesome's Revenge

As far as Prussia's concerned, the world has been out to get him from the moment he was born. And when he finally thought he was free of it - BAM! - dissolution! Now they will pay for their conspiracy against him. They will all pay. In the most awesome way possible.

Chapter 1

Secrets and Lies, For Him and Against Him

Germany opened the door of Prussia's room. "Vhat are you doing?" he asked suspiciously.
Prussia straightened up. "Nothing," he replied innocently.
"You better not be," his brother warned. And he closed the door. That was the extent of their interaction, just like usual.

Prussia's smile disappeared as soon as his brother couldn't see him. He bit back his rage. Just a little longer. Just hold back for a little longer.

He turned to the secret IPhone he wasn't allowed to have. He relished keeping something, anything, from his brother/tyrant. But that was hardly the extent of his plan.

He quickly, effortlessly hacked into several government agencies from Germany and the former Allies, plus Interpol and the UN. Prussia smiled as he extracted the classified information on the countries's personifications and saved it to his hard drive, ready to be posted onto WikiLeaks. This'll make the news, all right. He would torture them first, of course. Then he would expose them. And then, and only then, would he release them into a world that would quickly ruin them.

Prussia chuckled. There was no way they could get back at him, because his existence wasn't monitored or documented. No one cared about him. It was perfect.

He began setting up the sleeping potion he would slip into his brother's dinner. Ludwig wouldn't even notice. And then…

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