Gems vs. Evil (An Original Group Story)

Gems vs. Evil (An Original Group Story)

What do Griffin, Ace, Bryan, Mae, Andrew, and Emm have that no one else does?
SUPER POWERS that come from gems.
One person wants to experiment on them but he is absolutely MAD .
They are on the run. Will they learn to work together?

Chapter 1

Dallas Griffin- The Grey Gem

"Griffin, come and play with me!"

I'll do anything to make Cali happy, she is my little sister. I'll literally do anything even my little ponies.

"Griffin you can be..." she pauses to look over her collection then reaches down to pick it up "Spike!" She squels excitedly holding up a dragon plush.

I smile and start fiddling around with my necklace. Cali understands that I don't wanna be called Dallas because it's where, my mom died.

Flashback starts

I feel tears prickling down my face. It had to be Cancer it just had to be. What a vacation this turned out to be.

"Mom" I manage to choke out "Please, P-please don't, don't die."

"Honey, I wish I had control over that." She is weak my sister looks up.

"Mommy, I wuv you, don't go away, don't go to heaven yet." She is young about 2 at the time so she wouldn't understand as much as I did.

"It'll be ok Cali, Dallas will take good care of you." She replies weakly "Dallas please have this it will be in good hands with you."

She hands me her necklace, girly yes but it's my mom's. Then she closes her eyes her heart rate slowing.

"I love you" she says as docter rush in with Cali crying. There and then I absolutely never wanted to go to Dallas ever again.

Flashback ends

"DALLAS!" My dad yells angrily, he used to be a kind man but since my mom died, he changed. "TAKE. OUT. THE. TRASH!" He won't call me Griffin.

Quickly, I go and take the trash out. Fiddling with my necklace again. Wanting to be somewhere else, anywhere else honestly. Maybe, in the beautiful forest behind my school. I close my eyes and think about the peacefulness there.

I open my eyes and then widen them. AM I IN THE FOREST? How'd THAT happen. Quickly, I close my eyes again thinking of home again. Then I open them. Home again.

That was strange. Maybe I was hallucinating. Well the forest was pretty near. Anyways, I'll just go back now.

All of a sudden, I'm grabbed. I try screaming for help but a giant gloves hand is blocking the way.

I see two large men the one that grabbed me and the other one with some sort of gas tank. Both wearing gas masks he lets the gas out. Sleeping Gas. Then everything goes black.

I wake to the sound of cackling. I try to move but then I see that I'm tied up to a chair. I try to speak but there was a giant piece of duct tape over my mouth.

"I see that you are all awake now" says a small man on a screen.

Wait did he say all I look around straining to see who else was there.

Everyone else but two large men guarding the doorway were tied up as well.

There were two other boys and three girls there. Most of them were probably teenagers except one that looked young but tall for her age.

On each side of me were two girls one that looked as if her blue eyes would turn red any second and one that looked so calm that you might have thought she was used to being captured.

"I know what you are all thinking" says the high-pitched voice of the stranger on television "Am I CRAZY? Well here is your answer, I AM FLIPPING MAD! MWAHAHAHAHA" Oh boy now I'm a little scared.

"Tell me this youngsters, have you ever discected a frog during science class?" And before any of us nodded our heads "WELL THATS WHAT IM GONNA DO TO YOU! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, blockheads I wanna hear them scream take that duct tape off will ya?" One of the large men beside the doors approached then paused as if thinking about whose tape to rip off first. Then looked towards the screen as if asking the nut job.

"Hmm" Well we mustn't do the ladies first because I am a gentelman. Do the boy with the hood first." Oh no, that's me great.

The man approaches, grins, then rips of the tape. I stifle a scream, then I kick as hard as I can.

"Little Punk!" Screams the man in a deep voice then tries punching me. I suck just I time then the other man comes to help. The girl with the frightening look trips the man and the young girl starts fiddling with something.

I look at the screen seeing that it was turned off. The two men were out like a light. That girl could kick. All of a sudden someone comes towards me and starts at my ropes. THE GIRL HAD A KNIFE! As soon as I was free I started untying one of the boys. Then everyone was done.

"Let's go they dragged me here while I was awake so I know the way out." Says the calm girl smiling.

While we were rushing out one of the guys saw a closet that was full of weapons.

Quickly, I took some blow darts, a blow gun, and a crossbow that I knew how to use because I had been to archery camp once.

Then we found the exit and rushed into a forest. We didn't know each other at all so is this right, was this just all a dream? Then I felt a small pain in my shoulder, a squirrel, nope not a dream, the squirrel wasn't going anywhere though.

Being the one behind I whispered "Scram Squirrel", nope not leaving me. Guess I should name him then, Scram? No, wait, Skrim. Yes Skrim "Skrim the squirrel" I whispered to him. It might have been my imagination but did I see him smile?

Might've just been my imagination. Wait, what about Cali? I have to get back to Cali! But how?

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