Anyone else going to CamCon?

You can also tell me if you're going to ComicCon. I'd like to know ^^

Chapter 1

There goes Johnny 3 cruisin' in the Cadillac~

So my friend mentioned it to me a while ago, and I didn't get too excited because I wasn't sure what I'd go as, and then I had this brilliant idea, if I do say so myself, of going as Da Kurlzz from Hollywood Undead.
Turns out, that idea wasn't so great.
His mask would be much too hard to make, even though it would be fun to try and make his hair.
So, I decided I'd go as Johnny 3 Tears.
I've already got some suitable jeans and hoodie, and my sailor hat has just arrived, but I gotta make the mask still, and though it will be hard, it won't be as hard as Matt's[ironically, if you look at them].
So if you're going and you see some 5'8 skinny kid walking around with a J3T mask, maybe accompanied by a wolf and an Eyeless Jack, that's probably me.


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