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Chapter 2

The Authors

it was really really hard to choose because there were a lot of great and detailed characters. But, I really wanted a 4 character story this time. Makes things simpler.


My Character

Name- Farsa Machibi (far-suh mah-shee-bee)
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Height- 5'6"
Weight- 142 lbs
Appearance- Slightly wavy, messy dark brown hair with natural highlights that reaches just below her chin, with messy bangs swept to the side that reach just to her flat, arched dark brown eyebrows. She has large, innocent-looking dark brown eyes with short, dark eyelashes and dark circles around her eyes from nights without sleep. She wears minimal makeup on her eyes, only a tiny bit of mascara and eyeliner. Her lips are naturally pink and slightly chapped, but soft. Her skin is light brown and smooth, with only a few freckles on her collarbone and neck. She's a bit tall and slightly flat-chested with wider hips and long legs. Her stomach is pretty flat but soft and smooth, and she always gives off a surprised and quiet demeanor.
Personality- Farsa is very quiet and eerie, and almost always avoids eye contact. She hates disappointing people and is easily disappointed, so she often lowers her expectations. She is very introverted and has never made friends, as she's been kept from school most of her life. Certain things can make her extremely mad and violent, but when her fits end she's usually left depressed and hardly sorry.
Clothing- Farsa mainly wears loose, slightly sheer button-up blouses in light colors that don't draw much attention, usually in light pink, light blue or beige. She usually wears light jeans with her shirts, in tan or light grey or light blue. She always wears tall brown leathery boots and a silver feather necklace. She owns two jackets, a brown leather one and a green cargo one. She wears either one on multiple occasions.
Disorder- diagnosed with schizophrenia, dyslexia and social anxiety. Diabetes, on a slightly more unrelated note.
Hobbies- Reading and writing, despite her dyslexia. Singing when others aren't around. Channels her thoughts through writing.
Love Interest- male or female? Anyone who can accept her and is just as 'messed up'.
Family- Her mother's name is Beea and her father left their family a long time ago, and her sister Chila is completely normal and seven years old. Her mother can hardly stand her, but her sister Chila loves whatever time she can spend with Farsa.
Other- She spent most of her life in a ward or with a therapist for her schizophrenia, so she was practically homeschooled. She sees usually the same couple of people and monsters and often acts the way she does on instruction from them. When she was 11 she landed someone in the hospital by breaking their arm and scratching them, resulting in them needing 42 stitches.

Flutekitty's Character

Name- Link Richards
Age- 16
Gender- Male
Height- 5'8.5"
Weight- 130 lbs
Appearance- sort of gangly but with some muscle on his bones. He slouches too much. He has shaggy chin-length blonde hair that arranges itself rather messily in layers, glowing amber eyes, and an some charming angles on his face. He sprouts some pimples here an there and has various burns of different degrees on his body.
Personality- he's moody and seems a bit quiet, but he is very caring and friendly on the inside. Sometimes he can be careless, stubborn, and irrational. He deals with his feelings through fire and music, but yet Is very stoic. He doesn't let anyone know about his problems. He loves humor and tries to crack a joke to impress someone. When he really cares about someone he'll usually try to stay away from them or else he'll never leave their side.
Clothing- he wears old washed out and ripped baggy Jeans, aged black converse, a white tee with a corny saying on it and a black beanie to hide some of his hair grease.
Disorder- Cyclothymia, Maladaptive Dreaming, and Pyromania.
Hobbies- setting things on fire when he's stressed or feeling weird, playing the bass guitar, writing songs, and spending time with his cats
Love Interest-
Family- A single mom, two you her brothers, and a very young sister
Other- he loves cats, but can be very abusive towards animals an himself. You cab tell when he's happy because he won't be able to hide his signature lopsided smile. His father left his family broke and struggling. Link is the oldest and carries a lot of weight.

lilypotter101's Character

Name- Nayal Achilles
Age- 14
Gender- F
Height- 4'10"
Weight- 100lb.
Appearance- Nayal has wavy golden brown-blonde hair down to lower mid-back, green eyes, fairly pale skin, and long eyelashes. She usually wears a silver butterfly clip to keep her bangs away from her face. She's short and skinny, almost anorexic-ally skinny (as that's something she suffers from, but not because she's worried about how she looks, only because she rarely finds any incentive to eat and is never hungry.) She also has high cheekbones and slightly pointed ears that she's always made fun of for, and her pointed chin and ears combination, as well as her height, has earned her the name "Elfie".
Personality- Sassy, and irrational, and outgoing. She's a major daredevil, because everyone tells her that she's incapable of doing things other "normal" people can, so she's always trying new and potentially fatal things, and when one person testing her limits told her that normal people could commit suicide, but she couldn't, she even tried to kill herself to prove herself. She keeps people very far away from her heart, because she's worried that she'll eventually hurt someone and be taken away to a mental asylum or something, because she knows she's different. She rarely talks, unless she has something important to say, or she feels the time is ripe to lash out at someone or insult them.
Clothing- A yellow flowy tank-top and bright pink skinny jeans, and tall furry boots. She also likes to wear various hats in different vibrant colours and shapes.
Disorder- Antisocial personality disorder, primary insomnia, and attention deficit disorder.
Hobbies- Being read to, but she doesn't like reading herself, and drawing on herself, but never on a piece of paper.
Love Interest- someone in the story
Family- Brought up in several foster homes.
Other- She was dropped in a foster home in Italy, so they think she was Italian, but different foster families have moved her to Louisiana.

epicsnicker's Character

Name: Jeremiah Esperalzan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 98 (I'll explain why)
Appearance: He has a fairly light brown faux hawk slightly tinted with black in the front with small chocolate brown sideburns. He has dark brown eyes that have a slight 'baggage' around them when he smiles. Average black eyebrows that make him look like he's happily daydreaming or positively thinking. Nearly pointed elf ears and the average nose. His skin tone is rather pale, however not vampire pale. on his eyelinds are a very light red, possibly pink-ish purple. He has thin pink lips and the slightest bit of acne on his chin. His body is well built, as if an athletes build. However his left arm is mostly missing, leaving a small undeveloped shoulder 'stump' that leads a bit into an arm that's not there. His right leg is also undeveloped, everything from the thigh down is gone. At the end of his left thigh is actually a hole going into the actual thigh, like a valley almost, popping with veins. As well as his right arm being very veiny.
Personality: Contrary to the usual disability stereotype, Jeremiah is very outgoing and friendly. Displaying a huge amount of confidence in himself as well as others, he enjoys showing people what he can do, or most of the time what he thinks he can do, most resulting in a some sort of physical failure. However to him its a mental gain. He is very athletic and tries out for most sports, even with the ridicules. Also enjoying/making a good laugh, Jeremiah has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. However, he gets paranoid at the littlest things, personal standards are very high, and is very much a procrastinator. Sometimes, when he does get mad, he takes it out on the wrong people causing somewhat of a short war. Jeremiah's mouth operates before his brain which sometimes results in sarcastic, rude inputs, this also causes him to talk way to much.
Clothing: (for his leg he wears the prosthetic nearly everywhere, at home he takes it off. He wears nothing for his arm) Regular- Light grey/light purple graphic T-shirt, Dark blue jeans that start to clump/fold at the bottom(shoe area), grey knit beanie, black all-star lowtop converses. Sports/training- Either the school team uniform or light grey business shirt, Nike Triple Double Shorts (grey and lime green), and Nike orange, black, and white sneakers.
Disorder: Congenital Abnormalities in his right leg and left arm
Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Breakdancing as well as Electric Swing dancing, watching movies, playing with his siblings, attempting to cook(even the fire alarm cheers him on)
Love interest: If someone wants him, then sure. Otherwise, I don't care
Family: Mother-Lily, Father-Thomas, Jeremiah (obviously), 3 younger brothers all perfectly fine- Travis (7), Grayson (5), Alec(5)
Other: He smiles a lot, It is his mission to change what people think of disabled people for the better


Okay so I hope everybody is as excited for a realistic story as I am. I already wrote my chapter haha so we can have chapters started already. I think I'll do a neat order for this one, let's say the order of the forms I've listed.
As for love interests, I say we let it play out. I feel like two and two will get together eventually, but until then, they can all kinda get to know eachother.
The story is called The Best Are Different, so stay tuned!

other notes;
Write in first-person, present tense, unless you're doing a flashback.
No repeats of previous chapters.
Keep the chapter as fast-paced as you can, but still build your character.

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