I know I have lots of group stories (Extension of Eden- read it!) But why not one more. I love group stories because you see the creativity and genius of each author work in tons of different ways.

Chapter 1

Sign ups

by: Darsha
SO yes! I am looking for DEDICATED authors, who can write their chapters well and in good time. I think that when you are in a group story you have a responsibility to write not only for the readers, but for the other authors who are just as excited to write.

SO here is the story...

In a large city several people struggle in their daily lives. Of course, everyone in this world has their share of problems but to these people it is consuming, painful. One night each of them is visited by a lonely traveler who is tired and weary. They ask for a room and a meal, and offers a considerable large sum of money. The traveler seems mysterious, but keeps to themselves, but sometime that night they give each character a piece of paper

On that paper their are words. Beautiful words. But are they a poem? A song? Or could it be a prophecy? They words cut to each character's soul bringing up their deepest feelings and secrets. Then the travelers leave.

Not long after that each character realize they have an ability- a power no one else has. Each has different feelings on what to do with the power and their life with it (power, safety, fun ect.) One night all of them all called together and they realize that they must travel to their fate, somewhere.

They must also survive a barrage of deadly assassins. Out to get them because of their abilities.

Character- sign up in comments ( I need someone to be my character's 10yr old sister who also comes on the journey)






Family and background-

Power- (not too powerful though)

Motivation with power-(safety, power, control, fun, adventure ect.)

Poem, song, or prophecy- (if you don't have this right away, that's ok, but you will need one by the first chapter of the story)

Love interest-

My character (it's a bit long- sorry)

Name- Sonora Talkins



Personality- She s a very outgoing person who loves to be weird, have fun and laugh. If she is in a socially awkward situation however, she is more likely to be quiet and shy than weird. He first love is science, devoting many hours to studying for competitions. She very intelligent and ranks number one in her class, but fears losing that rank to her biggest competitor, a boy who is fairly new to the school district. She hates the way he is exalted, but she keeps her fury on the inside being humble about her rank ad only telling her closest friends. She is super competitive, and loves to win, but hates failing. When she fails she hates herself, and treats herself like dirt, but hides it from those she loves. She loves music, and listens to songs that express her strong emotions. She is loyal, and never leaves anyone hanging. She is very imaginative and loves to play even though she is supposedly too old for that. She is courageous and loves to try new things, but occasionally gets nervous before she does. She is sensible, and loves to smile. She is peaceable most of the time but if there is a subject that she feels strongly about she will defend it. She is honest, a bit dorky, and doesn't really pick up on sarcasm, and loves classic "dad jokes"

Appearance- She is awkwardly tall, just below six foot. Her hair is a nut brown, and very long, and usually braided since it is naturally messy. Her eyes are a light brown and framed with dark lashes. She is thin, but very self conscious about her weight, and thinks she has some to lose and she never curves in the right places. She wears tall mismatch socks with bright fun colors, black leggings, and science Olympiad T-shirts, with ballet flats.

Family and background- Lives in a average family who is weird like her. Her parents are very supportive of whatever she competes in, but they never push her, she does that herself. She has three little sisters. One of which will receive a poem an power as well. Her family isn't rich, and they live near the school. They are a very loving family but they have their moments when... She has been competing in science since 5th grade and used to dance, but was never as good as she wanted to be. Now she plays basketball. She isn't popular but has her best friends whom she loves all the way to the moon and back, and they do crazy weird things together like scare the teacher, and play pranks.

Power- is able to touch an object or being and know it's past as well as physical and emotional breaking point

Motivation with power- to make sure she never fails again

Poem, song or prophecy- Flailing, Failing, Falling.
You must let go, to fly,
A grudge must be given up,
You must say goodbye,
Free, Forgive, Forget,
Or it shall soon become
Survive or die.

Love interest- Believes that no one will love her. She's had a crush once and was almost brave enough to ask him to the dance, but he didn't love her for who she was. If someone did love her she might not recognize it. She is a bit strong for love, but her weaknesses would ease if she has someone to lean on, and love her the way she is, without making her change.

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