Random facts (chain story)

So basically if you get to write a chapter, you just write down some random facts with a certain theme to them such as random facts about why wolves are so awesome. If anyone wants to write a chapter please comment.

Chapter 1

Random facts about harry potter

1. Harry Potters actor Daniel Radcliffe thought Justin Bieber was female.

2. Hogwarts was especially built so that if a muggle came across it then is just just be an old abandoned building, with a sign saying "keep out; dangerous building.

3. Fred and George once threw snow at Voldemorts face.

4. Platform seven and a half is the Orient express.

5. Cho Chang married a muggle, and they had a son named cedric who was sorted into hufflepuff.

6. Instead of writing an essay; Rupert Grint wrote and sang a rap song for his audition.

7. Vole de mort is french for flight of death.

8. Micheal Jackson approached JK Rowling asking to do a musical based on the Harry Potter books, but JK Rowlind said no.

9. JK Rowling and Harry Potter have the same birthday which is july 31st, but of course the years are different.

10. Rons patronus is a jack russel terrier which known to chase otters. Hermiones patronus is an otter.

11. JK Rowling was thinking of killing off arthur weasly in the order of the pheonix, but she swapped him out for Sirius Black.

12. Minerva McGonnagall played on the Gryffindor quidditch when she was a hogwarts student.

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