The Year Before (An Original Divergent Story)

Meet Ingrid "Kori" Summers. An Amity girl who's more likely to be on the Peace Serum than not whenever you see her. She's Divergent and decides to join Dauntless. So on and so forth, she meets another Dauntless-transfer named Wyatt "Grayson". They fall in love and all that complicated stuff and it seems like happily ever after for them. All of that changes when a certain heroine arrives to the Dauntless HQ...

Chapter 2

The Aptitude Test

After lunch, all of the sixteen year olds sat in the tables as the rest of the students filed out of the cafeteria and after a few minutes of explaining what is going to happen, they started listing names and everyone went back to what they were doing.

The Abnegation were sitting quietly as across from them, the Dauntless on the other side of the cafeteria were shouting and playing cards which looked kind of fun. The Erudite were reading from books and newspapers and the Candor seemed to be having a huge debate.

I glanced longingly at the Dauntless table as my fellow Amitians were laughing and playing some hand game we learned when we were six.

"Will they ever grow up?" I mumbled to Bonnie as a man from Abnegation appeared with the last 10 kids who left to take the test.

"From Dauntless: River Song and Dawn Solo, from Erudite: Regina Mills and Frederick Hayes, from Amity: Ingrid Summers and June Buggs, from Candor: Frank Zhang and Aurora Phillips, and from Abnegation: Ryan Swan and Alexa Pond," I stood up as well as June, strawberry blonde curly haired girl with wide blue eyes and a bit of baby fat on her round face who stood about 5 foot.

"Good luck," Bonnie whispered to me and I gave her a smile before I walked June towards the male volunteer.

"Hurry up, we don't have all day," He ordered and we quickly followed him.

"This guy is mean," June mumbled with a little hurt in her shaky, nervous voice and I held back my eye roll but the Candor girl in front of me didn't hide her scoff.

"Amity," She mumbled and we reached where the ten testing rooms were.

"June Buggs, Room 3," The volunteer listed her name and I watched June shakily walk towards the room and I heard some snorts from the Candor girls as her hair shook along with her.

"Ingrid Summers, Room 4," I walked into the room where an Abnegation woman was waiting for me.

"Hello, have a seat," She told me with a smile and I looked at her.

She looked like she was in her mid-forties with a wrinkle or two on her face but she was pretty, her dark brown hair was pulled into a bun and I was looking into her dark brown eyes.

"I'm Natalie," Natalie introduced herself with a smile.

"Ingrid," I replied as I sat in the chair

"Drink this," Natalie handed me a clear liquid.

I drank the whole thing in one swig and I closed my eyes before reopening them and looking at my surroundings.

After a minute, my eyes snapped open again and I was back in the cafeteria except the long tables were shut and instead there were two baskets laying in the center of the room.

"Choose," A sharp female voice ordered and I peered into the baskets.

On one basket was a knife and in the other was a hunk of cheese.

"What’s going to happen?" I asked.

"Just choose," The voice ordered.

I sighed and grabbed the knife, just in case I needed to defend myself.

I heard a low growl come from behind me and I whipped around to see a large dog growling fiercely at me and I dropped the knife and it vanished out of sight.

"Great," I mumbled as I turned back to face the dog.

The dog started walking closer to me snarling when I realized something.

"Dogs can smell fear," I mumbled as I quickly calmed down and sat down so my face was leveled with the dog.

I breathed in and out, calming myself down like I sometimes have to at school to avoid punching a kid in the face and I felt a wet tongue on my cheek and I opened my eyes to see a tiny little puppy.

"Well aren't you a cutie?" I smiled as I scratched the dog’s ear.

"Puppy!" I heard a small shout and I looked up to see a little girl in pigtails running towards the dog and again I heard a growl from the dog.

"No," I ordered the dog but he ignored me as he charged at the girl who screamed.

"Kneel down and remain calm!" I told her and she followed my instructions and as the girl petted the now puppy, they disappeared and I was on a bus like what most of the Candor and Abnegation use.

I looked around and found a pole to hold onto since all of the seats were taken.

"Do you know this girl?" A man asked and I turned to see a Candor man shoving a paper in my face which read “Brutal Murderer Finally Apprehended!” and below was the face of a woman who looked familiar but I couldn't tell who it was and I felt like if I told him, something bad would happen.

"Uh, no," I told him.

"You can save me!" He cried out as he continued pointing.

"Like I said, no," I told him firmly as he vanished and I returned to the testing room.

"Interesting," Natalie, the volunteer, murmured.

"Interesting?" I asked back nervously.

"Usually by the end of the test, you only have one faction remaining but for you, you have two factions, Erudite and Dauntless," Natalie told me and my jaw drops.

"What?" I choked out.

"When you chose that knife, the stimulation was leading you towards Dauntless but when you dropped the knife and calmed down, you gave an Erudite response," Natalie told me.

"What about the bus?" I asked.

"It got rid of Candor and Abnegation and showing distaste to the cheese got rid of Amity as well," Natalie answered.

"But that’s not possible," I whispered.

"It is but it is extremely rare. They call it Divergent but you can’t tell anyone not even your loved ones," Natalie whispered.

"Why?" I asked.

"People don't like Divergents, they take out the order of the society, if anyone knows they will kill you," Natalie told me and my eyes widened.

"You can go now and remember what I said," Natalie ordered and I numbly walked out of the room and walked back to the cafeteria.

"How did it go?" Bonnie asked as I sat back down.

"It went okay," I lied as the Abnegation man reappeared.

"From Dauntless: Killian Jones and Chandler Grimes, from Erudite: Kimberly Resh and Augustus Waterson, from Amity: Bonnie Winst and Tanner Stark, from Candor: Sarah Wentz and Wyatt Kilton, and from Abnegation: Thalia Graceson and Rose Tyler," The Dauntless man called out and I patted Bonnie on the back for good luck as she went towards the Dauntless man and I watched as one of the Erudite girls slid next to her and was chatting with her.

"Wanna play with us, Ingrid?" Cassie Dylan asked me with her dark brown doe eyes.

"Nope," I told her and she shrugged before she shrugged and returned to playing Amity, Amity, Candor with the rest of the Amitians and I turned back and stared at the cafeteria table.

Erudite and Dauntless.


So did you guys like this chapter? Please comment below what you liked below and comment if you noticed any of my references :). Also if you have any title ideas please let me know in the comments, I can’t think of any for this one!

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