Orphans live in a far side of town in a place called Rainbow Corner Orphanage. It is the location where almost no one goes to. When the orphanage is abandoned with 7 kids left behind, the 7 different kids have to find somewhere to live. Problem is, they don't realize they need each other to survive.

Writers In Order:

WonderfulWeirdness (Cats)
Soon_To_Be_College_Girl (Kenna)
Pierce_The_Sirens (Amanda)
Darsha (Rhoda)
Emerson (Jojo)
BeastlyBear (Anthony)
Dragonator (Dustin)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Rainbow Corner

(Sorry before the story begins, I forgot to say Cats is also kind of shy but not really)

"Cats! We called for breakfast 10 minutes ago, now you get scraps! Come on, now!" I heard them call. I let out my breath in a sigh. I didn't feel like eating with all those people. I usually go down when everyone had left the area, but they seem to be more pushy with it this time.

I opened my drawers and picked up my black hoodie I always wear. I don't like people to see me. Not that I care about looks, give me a break. I just like it that way. It is a long story that I'd rather not tell now.

I slipped on the hoodie and creaked open my door. The halls, of course, were empty and dark. I took a step and then kept doing so until I found myself where at the yelling, bratty, and dumb kids were. Not to be mean, but sometimes they can get too much into someone's business. They look as if separated into groups. The obnoxious fashion girls, the quiet kids, the young kids, the nerds, etc.

"Cats! Here!" One little girl said, and slid over a plate of what looked like bread crumbs and a tiny bit of soup. I slowly pulled back a chair, and sat down. I felt pressure as all eyes were on me, as if being tested on how fancy I was. I could usually not give two craps about them staring at me, but once again they get up in your business as if wanting to embarrass you.

Oh, have I not introduced myself? Good. Who cares who I am, but I'll tell you anyway. If you haven't guessed, my name is Cats. I can hear you thinking, 'What an odd name'. It isn't my real name, but if you ask for it you are asking to be dead. People think I'm male, and that might as well be true.

Now I will tell you a story, it explains why I don't want to show my face and why I'd rather me being male be true. It sets back way back, ten years before when I was 7.

I had not seen my father my whole life, and how excited I was...

'Mother hadn't told me much about my dad. She looked shaky, but I ignored it. No reason to be scared of father! The door opened, and time seemed to slow down as if something bad would happen.

Mom squeezed my shoulder. A man appeared, who I guessed was my father. He took one look at me, then glared at mommy.

"Look at her! She looks WEAK! I knew she wouldn't grow up strong.. We had to get a girl, A GIRL!" He yelled. Mommy flinched. I shrunk back behind mommy, afraid, and weak like he said.

"She won't be able to do ANYTHING! We might as well ABANDON her! I WISH SHE WAS A BOY!"'

It was the last thing I heard before I was left in the woods and found by Rainbow Corner. My dad didn't bother even putting me up for adoption. No, an orphanage, which I know they did on purpose. My father was ashamed he had a daughter and not a son. I hid myself. I don't usually talk much, and I don't make friends. They would find out I was a girl, and then despise me like my father.

Rainbow Corner had to be the one to find me. Their rooms are small, their food is disgusting, it is never clean and I could go on rambling about how dumb this place is but that would take too long. Oh, and by the way, they don't give us blankets.

The people here as well, are obnoxious, rude, pushy, mean, and don't speak. The not speaking part is fine, since I hardly speak but otherwise I hate them. I finished up my food, and just walked away.

"Wait, Cats!" I turned and saw a girl looking thirteen call. I didn't stop walking though. I wanted to be alone, and after telling you that story I just wanted to think.


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