The reason we are on planet earth.

The reason we are on planet earth.

I have beliefs and different ones to others. I'm still a Christian and I'm also a little buddha and...a satanist. However, this is the belief I most believe in. I'M not trying to change anyones beliefs or anything but I'd love it if you read it.

Thanks!!!! :)

Chapter 1

Theory: Fallen Angels.

Human beings are the fallen angels who fought alongside Lucifer.

The arrogant and selfish angel Lucifer recruited other angels in heaven to fight against God. Lucifer wanted to take the Lords place and rule the heavens in his own selfish style. But Prince Michael (Archangel Michael) and his army defeated these rebel angels and they were sentenced to death for their treason.

But God with his infinite mercy, love and wisdom decided not to execute them immediately. He gave them a stay; an extended stay on the prison planet earth.

It was created for them so that they could be taught to be good again. All angels/souls submitted to becoming Adam and Eves human-animal bodies to prove they could be good and earn their right to enter heaven again as beings/angels.

All of them agreed except Lucifer.

Now all humans (fallen angels) are walking in the shadow of the death sentence until judgement day where each soul will be judged upon individual merits. Those who want to become good again, by being obedient to the laws of God, will earn their pardon. Those wicked beings who mislead others and who still side with Lucifer’s views will be first into the hell fire after him.

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