I have figured out Attack On Titan

Chapter 1

Oh my gosh

So many of us are most likely wondering where Titans come from, since they can't have sex right?

They lay eggs.

Now I know you are most likely like 'Jinx that is so stupid' but I have reasons for this.

See Titans don't need to eat and they will just randomly attack humans, and often times mothers will attack anything they believe will hurt their children. And what kind of animals are most protective of their children? Ones that lay eggs. I believe that maybe the nest was somewhere near where the first wall used to be, or somewhere around there, and that they attacked the humans first or the humans could have attacked the eggs. Why else would they attack humans? They don't need to eat and it's pretty clear that the humans can't attack full grown titans alone.

I came up with this at around midnight last night, just so you know.


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