School of Spies (Group Story sign ups.)

I'm Bryan
And I'm Markus
And It's time for a story!

Chapter 1

So, it is time for our first story! We shall steal the idea of the "spy boyfriend" from NigaHiga!

(Bryan~) This story is about real "spy kids". Lesson one- trust no one! These are kids that since birth have been trained to carry on the tradition of spies. They don't know how to be human, they don't know who are the spies either. They were told they were all alone on being kid spies, that they could not screw up. They were taught that the only people they could trust were themselves- they had to run off their guts.

(Markus~) Now, the ultimate test has come- be a human! Dun Dun Dun. Find true love, make enemies using your gut instead of facts that have been laid in front of you, make friends. How will they do that? They are used to hiding in the shadows- they have no records whatsoever in any computer system. They have a cleaner slate than a babies do.

(Bryan~) Will they be able to do it? Their missions are simple- live like a normal person for three months. They are to set out and do the following.

(Markus~) They are to- adopt a crush, make an enemy off of instincts instead of what they have been given, make a friend who will stay forever, find one spy also undercover, find a fake friend, survive from people who are actually human like, and find an identity they could live under while being true to themselves.

(Bryan~) Failure to do any of these actions before the three month period ends will end in suspension of "a true spy" title. Blow your cover... you will be taken off the face of the earth. Can't tell the one you love, can't tell your best friend. Trust no one.

(Markus~) They still don't know there are any teenage or kid spies- so naturally they are looking for adult spies that don't exist. So the question- believe in fairy tales and abandon the truth that you have been fed all your life or believe the only reason you can't find any adult spies at the school you were sent to is because they are professionals?

(Bryan~) Woah... that went long... Anywho, we will only be accepting a few, five max since that's usual what we usually get... WE LOVE YOU!
(Markus~) HELL YEA WE DO! Here are our characters- their POVs will be in the same chapter so we don't get much special treatment.

Bryan's character-

Name: Logan Wills

Age: 16 turning seventeen in three to five months, he doesn't keep track of his birthday

Gender: Male


Personality: Spaced out at times, sort of quiet at the beginning before meeting Markus's character- and he's really random when he does. He likes staring out into space whenever he's bored.

Description: Don't piss him off, Logan is just a false name. His real name- even he doesn't know. Everyone refers to him as Wills, which causes people to think his real name is William. He is usually friendly cause he knows he might need to use people at times but he could also be cold and distant, murderous even.

Job- help people or harm them: Harm, he must harm the ones with a heart as dark as his own.

Friend: Markus and TBD

Love: TBD

Enemy: Nubea or TBD

Talents: Pickpocket, stealing, picking a lock, sneaking- yes, he's like a burglar himself. He poses as a band geek for his talents with his hands- a piano master and clarinet player.

How they finish off their enemies- he does it the quickest way he could. If they deserve to suffer, he will impale them. Quick but painful... he usually kills before they see it coming.

Other: He starts out in the shadows until he meets a certain dude. Not a gay connection, curiosity. He doesn't know how he why he insist on helping others instead of going directly to harm those who hurt them first. He has a pet falcon, and a little sister in a foster home since their parents died and he lives with his grandfather. His grandfather can't spend time taking care of a seven year old girl so he just tries helping find his grand-daughter a good family where he could help take care of her.

Sir Henry Barnet High (got it from Yahoo) Mascot is Penguin. The school color is sky blue and white.

Markus's character:

Name: Liam Sanchez

Age: 16, 17 in a month

Gender: Male


Personality: He's sweet, a bit possessive of his little sister, random, charming, childish, but also has a dark side you don't want to see.

Description: His name, Liam- it's his father's. He adapted it after his father went MSIA and his mother became a little less attached to the thought of being a spy. She only joined to be with her love- she joined so she could protect herself and him.

Job: He helps people.

Friend: TBD, Bryan

Love: TBD

Enemy: TBD

Talents: He's agile, fast, a band geek- trumpet, and does voice impressions. He does sword fighting as well, but only on a minimum. Also, he sings since he finds it similar to voice impressions.

How he kills: Hell no, he will knock them out and leave the rest to his boss.

Other: He has a little sister called Miranda. She has a boa constrictor, she's not your typical fourteen year old girl. She enjoys winning, the surge of power. She doesn't like anyone, no friends, just her brother. Her brother drags her everywhere. This time, he dragged her to Australia for two years where he picked up an Australian accent and a baby boy kangaroo named Joey. Now, returning home to America, he is assigned to live as a regular teenage boy.

School: Easton High (also from yahoo) with the mascot a grizzly and the color is red and silver. They have uniforms unlike Logan's school and the uniform is black with khakis for boys and black with red plaid skirts for girls and knee level socks. Easton High is the alley of Logan's school and they come together at times to compete against and with each other.

(Bryan~) Finally done!
(Markus~) Be sure to message or comment your sign ups!
(Bryan~) You could do more than one character, three max as your protagonist.
(Markus~) That seems to be it...

Name: Alexis Benson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Alexis is fairly shy. Music is her life. She is not actually emo/goth, but likes to dress in black just because. She is fun and witty when you get to know her, but people find her appearance confronting and usually steer clear.
Job: To keep the baddies away from the others. She always carries a gun (or three) and will use it if necessary
Talents: Stealing, shooting from a distance, as well as close range. She is fast and agile, and a pro at fighting.
Friend: TBD
Love: TBD
Enemy: TBD
How she kills: A bullet through the heart. Quick and relatively painless
Other: She is an only child and not really used to talking to people. Especially other girls, who she doesn't seem to understand.
School: Dallas State High, America. They have no uniform
~ Scarlett_16's character

(Markus~) So very sorry for posting this again.
(Bryan~) We just want more characters.


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