Darling, Keep Your Head Up High

Soooo tell me what you think!
This poem doesn't really have too much personal meaning behind this, it's just something that I shifted into a poem by combining multiple ideas from previous ideas (so really only part of it deals with my own true emotion and that's a very small part)
but yeah, anyways, I'd love to hear what you think. so comment and yeah.

Thank you


Chapter 1


"Darling, keep your head up high
and don't listen to what you hear-
they don't know anything about you
so don't bother shedding a tear."

That's what people tell her
at least- that's what they imply,
but How can they say such a thing
when that girl is ready to fall instead of fly?

She's getting tired of hearing those words
and that's because the people who tell her that
don't actually know what she hears from behind her back
but yet they tell her to keep positive as if optimism can be pulled out from a hat.

They don't hear the whispers
that mention how she's some sort of bug
or how she's a freak with hair like Medusa's
that makes people run as if she's a thug.

It's hard to keep your head up after hearing those things
yet no one seems to understand where she comes from
when she tries to explain that it's not worth her time
because there's no hope of continuing on when their words beat louder than any drum.

However, they push her forward with always similar responses:
"Darling, keep your head up high
you're beautiful the way you are
so don't let their words be a reason for your own good bye."

Why can't they just let her fall?
Why can't they just let her die?
It sure would be easier
than keeping her head held up high.

"But Darling, remember- keep your head up high."


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