My Everything - Ariana Grande Album Review

My review of Queen Ariana's new album "My Everything" I strongly suggest you listen to this album.

Chapter 1

My Everything

by: GeekRemix
1. Intro

Queen Ariana definitely surprised me with the doo wop and R&B feels in "Intro". The track is an intro, and it successfully gets us prepared for the rest of the album. Ariana sings I'll give you all I have and nothing less/ I promise, which is romantic and charming. The one real problem with this track is that it's only 1:20! Really wish it was longer. :). Rate: 8.6/10

2. Problem (feat Iggy Azalea)

The smash hit "Problem" successfully smashes from the albums soft intro into a dance and pop track. One thing I would say about this is that it's 2x Platinum and went number 3 in the charts. And with the impressive rap verse from Iggy Azalea, who can say this is not a win win? 8.2/10

3. One Last Time

In many ways I would say this is the quieter version of the album's second single "Break Free". It is a stunning addition with stunning vocals. "One last time/ I need to be the one/ who takes you home" Ariana sings, trying to let someone know that they need one last chance. Definitely one fan fav.

4. Why Try

Another awesome addition to "My Everything". It definitely reminds me of "Halo" by Beyoncé. Even when your yelling at me/ I still think you're beautiful is one lyric in a sea of meaningful lyrics. Comparing her relationship to "angels and devils" is a win win. In my opinion, one off the strongest tracks. 8.7/10

5. Break Free (feat Zedd)

Zedd never disappoints, and that is proven in his production of "Break Free". The album's second single is sincere yet makes you want to dance! Obviously a party song bug also a serious one. Despite the grammatical mistake in one lyric, nobody caes. Ariana's voice and Zedd's music shine through. 8.8/10

6. Best Mistake (feat Big Sean)

Hey, look who's back! Yes, Big Sean has again collaborating with Queen Ariana and produced the slow burner "Best Mistake". And they don't disappoint. As the first ballad of the album and a single, they are lots of expectations for "Best Mistake", and they fulfill them completely. This soft R&B track is an fan fav! 8.9/ 10

7. Be My Baby (feat Cashmere Cat) No he is not a rapper, he's a producer

This fun R&B track is a win win. With Cashmere Cat's awesome production and Ariana's vocals, the product is "Be My Baby" a pure 90s R&B song. I'll give you all of my trust/ If you don't mess this up sings Ariana, singing that to be her baby, it's up to you. This independent Mariah Carey/ Destiny's Child esque track then ends on a soft piano note. Definitely strong enough to be a single. 8.7/10

8. Break Your Heart Right Back (feat Childish Gambino)

This track opens up with a stealthy or cunning sound and goes into a Aguilera-ish beat with a sample from Puff Daddy "More Money, More Problems". Like "Be My Baby" it shows an independence feel. And what's interesting is that it tells the story of her man cheating on her with another man. Among all of the tracks this one is jam packed! And to top the icing on the cake, Childish Gambino comes into the picture with an awesome verse. #amaze. 8.6/10

9. Love Me Harder (feat The Weeknd)

Tell me something I need to know/ Hold my breath and never let it go Ariana opens up in the first verse. But the softness doesn't stay. Nope, it goes into and dance/ late 80's themed chorus. Ariana tells her man he needs to love her harder. The Weeknd jumps in with awesome vocals. What was really great was that in the bridge Ariana and The Weeknd sing back and forth. Looks like he'll need to try harder because her albums are going number 1!!! 8.7/ 10

10. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

After a row of collabs, it's nice to see Ariana be by herself with her amazing voice. And she delivers it in the album's second ballad "Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart". I'm still a fool/ I'm a fool for you Ariana sings with piano. This is such a tear jerking song, it's painful. Like its Yours Truly equivalent "Almost Is Never Enough", it will be leaving you wanting more.

11. Hands On Me (feat ASAP Ferg)

One word: Whoa. This pure 90s R&B is definitely out of place beetween two ballads. But either way, this track will definitely open up a party. But, if you haven't guessed, it is suggestive. But it's not making it any less enjoyable than it is. It's a fun, party fast song that only gets better with ASAP Ferg's rap. Let's party! 8.8/10

12. My Everything

The albums title track "My Everything" classes the album with they same doowop feels from "Intro". Pain is just a consequence of love/ I'm saying sorry for the sake of us sings Ariana, who has successfully made a beautiful closing to an awesome album. The meaning of the song is that Ariana misses her ex because he is her everything. Ariana's vocals shine is the doo wop feels and piano riff of "My Everything". But the one thing this song does more than anything is get you ready for album number 3.

Overall Review

The result of almost 10 months of work is one of best albums of 2014. With the catchy hit "Problem" to the jam packed "Break Your Heart Right Back", there's nothing you want more than MORE ARIANA. The only real problem (get it "problem" haha) is the flow. It sometimes kills the mood of an awesome album. Overall, this album must get awards, people are fools if it doesn't. In my opinion, way better than Yours Truly, more mature and real. Love both.

Overall Rating: 8.89/10.00
Favorite Song: Intro

1. What's your fav song off "My Everything"? (if you didn't listen do it, based off this album review)



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