Chapter 1

Hey guys!

So you know how life just always seems stressful? Or life always seems calm then erupts into a massive swarm of stress that you can’t escape?

I think as teenagers we all get this, whether its study, school, work, big sporting events, home life or anything else.
For example
at the moment I am in my third and final term of year 11 (for anyone who doesn’t know I’m from Australia and where I live you only do three terms of 11 before entering year 12).
I have my year 11 exit exams in two weeks from today.
I have to memorise 30 weeks’ worth of content for 6 different subjects in two weeks.
I have to work about 40 hours in the upcoming weeks before my exams.
I have to save all my money for my exchange that leaves the first day of holidays.
I have to be separated for two weeks by different countries (China and Japan) from both my best friend and my boyfriend who will both be in Japan while I am in china, with no means of contact to the two most important people in my life.

I have a whole lot to do and it is all very stressful for me right now. I think the only thing we can do when life is stressful is breathe and hold on until the lull after the storm. Stress is a major part of all our lives, we just all need to remember there is always something good around the corner.
Now I know a lot of people have things far worse than me in their life, to all those people, please be strong for yourself and make sure even when things are hard to stay true to yourself and remind yourself something better is on its way.
Don’t let stress rule you.
-Matilda xx

(Thankyou for reading. First blog thingy so please let me know if you like it or hated it etc.; constructive criticism welcome)


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