Omegle hunt type thing~

I swear I'm not a paedophile xD

Chapter 1

If you're bored like me, come join the Omegle hunt...

So I've had an idea from watching some pinkstylist videos.
Maybe some of you will know that I am a fan of the band Hollywood Undead, and I'm planning to go as Johnny 3 Tears to CamCon next week. I have basically all the costume ready, so I thought why not go on Omegle, on the webcam, as J3T.
I'm gonna record people's reactions and put them on Youtube or some other video sharing site, because Youtube won't at the moment let me upload videos.
Interests will be: therandomfand0ms, hollywood undead, masks, music, bands, skydefined, + all HU members there are and have been[yeah, including Shady Jeff].
I know I could be completely anycreep who's looking for some unsuspecting teens to freak, but I'm not lol.
So join me.
It could be funny :3


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