All We Wanted(original group story)

Long ago a group of six travelers was created. Their lives and abilities were not meant to be that of the average person. Life for them was dangerous, and filled with fear. But they never found what they were looking for. When the time came, each mentored a child to take their place until fate was found. If it ever could be found.

Chapter 2

Amelia- Monopoly

Our heads are like stairs. One. Two. Three. Four girls. I am the second oldest of us all, and am exactly eleven years old. I have green eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I have lots of freckles like Sonora, and am tall like her too.

Diggy was soon adopted into our family. He was very kind to us. Most people would have been wary about accepting a stranger into their house, but Daddy thinks travelers could be angels. Diggy was a soldier who served in Afghanistan. He has no home now, his little brother died in combat. His eyes gleamed with tears when he said this.

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," Mama said quietly. Sometimes I wish I had to ability to understand people's thought's, so I could better understand Diggy, and his pain. The only way I would know would be to lose Birdie or Skye. I would never be able to live with myself if I let them die.

"No, it's ok, really,"Diggy said.

"Let's play Monopoly," I said, changing the subject as I pulled the game from the closet. Everone cheered, especially Skye. Sonora shot Diggy a look that said, "Oh it is on!" The competition began!

Eventually I ended up with a good monopoly on the railroads. Skye kept landing on them. She's still a bit young to be playing monopoly. Sonora got the best string of monopolies by far. She was sucking up all of our money. Daddy was doing very well too. Diggy landed on one of my railroads. As he handed me the fake money, I noticed a small square of paper tucked into the bills. I stuffed it into my pocket to read later.

The game ended when Sonora and Daddy were arguing over a property, and somehow, everyone started yelling. We decided it was bedtime when the board got tipped over.

Diggy left the next morning. He gave everyone a hug before he left. He his arms lingered around Sonora, then he shook Daddy's hand.

"You always have a home here, "Daddy said.

"Thanks, but I have some... friends. I haven't seen them in a while." Diggy said before he turned away.

My family went inside. I heard Sonora head to her room. It's really family when you can tell who's walking up the steps by the sound of their footsteps. As soon as they left I hopped on my bike and followed Diggy.

"Wait!" I called.

"Amelia," Diggy said surprised.

"Who are these friends your staying with?"

"Wandering travelers. " he said, "What ever you do, stay with the group. Don't go off on your own like Jeffery and I did. You may not understand me now, but you will. I hope the other wandering traveler mentored the other kids well. I wish I could tell you more, but not now."

He left me then, very perplexed. Then I remembered the note, and pulled the out the paper.

A warrior with good intentions shall die in vain
Darkness will rise, your control fades
All understanding shall soon be forgotten

I stood there in the street confused.

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