All We Wanted(original group story)

Long ago a group of six travelers was created. Their lives and abilities were not meant to be that of the average person. Life for them was dangerous, and filled with fear. But they never found what they were looking for. When the time came, each mentored a child to take their place until fate was found. If it ever could be found.

Chapter 3

Mason Richards- A Visitor and a Memory

"Mason!" I hear my mom call from her room. "Can you get the door please?"

"Sure, mom!" I call back to her.

As I get up off my bed, I rest my eyes on the picture my little sister, Macey, drew for me when I was in the hospital. Despite the memory of an arm being broken in three different places, the memory of her homemade 'get well card' is the best that I have of her.

I open the door to a broad-shouldered man in Army fatigues. I wonder why he came here. I mean, we live on the fourth floor and there's four dorms before my mom's.

"Yes, sir? Can I, help you?"

"I hope so, son." He says in a husky voice. "Is there any chance I could stay here for a night? I have money." He says, pulling a handful of hundred dollar bills from his pocket.

"One sec. C'mon in. Mom! Can you c'mere for a sec?"

"Sure, Mason. Be right there."

"You can sit if you want," I tell him.

"Thank you, but I prefer to stand."

I nod.

"Oh..." My mom says when she comes out from her room. I don't know what she expected, but I'm sure that this wasn't it.

"Hello ma'am. I'm sorry to interrupt your home like this, but I've no where else to stay. I have money. If it's not inconvenient, I would just need to stay one night."

"Of course, sir," She says. "It's no trouble at all."

"You can sleep in my room if you want." I say.

"Nonsense." He replies. "The couch is fine, if that's alright with you of course."

"Yeah, that's fine. If that's what you want," I tell him.

He nods.

My mom goes back to her room and I'm about to do the same, when he stops me. He rests a hand on my shoulder.

"Mason, I must tell you something," he says in a low voice, handing me a note. "You need to read this. It's very important. You're very important. Don't ask questions; I can't answer the ones you have."

This is even more confusing than opening the door to find a soldier standing there, asking to stay for the night. I stick the note in my pocket and go to my room. Leaving a stranger alone in your house may not seem like the best idea, but he doesn't seem to mean us any harm. And he has this.... I don't know, aura doesn't seem like the right word.

I guess feeling to him. His personality. I don't know. But it never hurts to be careful, so I'll keep an eye on him. Although a 17 year old guy wouldn't stand much chance against a grown man with military experience.

Curiosity overcomes me as I throw myself onto my bed. I pull out the note. In messy handwriting, it reads:

When all has fallen
Where do we go?
Do we put behind our fallen
And just let go?
Or do we hold it
And carry it always?
These and more you will find
If you can let go.

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