All We Wanted(original group story)

Long ago a group of six travelers was created. Their lives and abilities were not meant to be that of the average person. Life for them was dangerous, and filled with fear. But they never found what they were looking for. When the time came, each mentored a child to take their place until fate was found. If it ever could be found.

Chapter 60

The Prophecies

by: Darsha
These are a few of the prophecies that contributed to the rise and fall of the travelers. There are so many more, too many to be accounted for, which is why the songs and poems are significantly limited in this documentation. The ones chosen are the prophecies that are wildly important to the beginnings of the Quest and the perpetual journey of the traveler. They are the first telling of the story Gaven told the final group of travelers many years later...

~The Song of the Sleeping Kingdom~

Kingdom Quiet, Kingdom Still
To gently prosper in the star's will.
Faded, glossy roses bloom
Weavers weaving story's loom
Destiny for peaceful times
Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme
Mountain barriers and river boarders
Protect ye from the thieves and hoarders
Children born and kissed each day
Violent deaths have passed away.
Music in tune to the sweetest hymn
Harmony not jealous and melody not sin.
Misty Mornings and clean air
A Queen gives birth to destiny's heir

~Fate's First Chosen~

Children above the Earth,
Like a butterfly chooses a flower;
Fate and time chose and gifted
Unknown since birth.

Children grown into wisdom,
Like promising suns and sons;
Fate and time helped them to rise
To start kingdom-come.

Children now powerful lords,
Like the eyes of the ancient Oak tree;
Fate and Time chose them as mouths
Advising royalty's sword.

~Gemalia and the King~

Two hearts melt into one within the blacksmith's fire.
The rings melted down...
Two birds flying higher than the sky can read.
The wings beating with love...
Two paths chosen before light fell upon the road.
The crossroads perfect...
Two titles that cannot be combined under law.
The passion a secret...
Two destiny's intertwined like a woven afghan
The warmth never fading...
Two promises that last longer than the last mountain standing
The vows pure but delicate

~Prophecy of the King's Death~

Death is approaching, as all lives do end.

But this shall be brought by the hand of a friend.

Sooner or later the kingdom shall fall,

and with it will go the great ruler of all.

Be wary, good king, for as fate shall meet,

Your end will be coming, symmetry complete.


Like a falling bridge
A stone monument about to collapse
The Master asked for the truth
Found only in the future
But that vision was only of ash
Still smoldering and smoking
Plumes of his own body blown in the wind
Of the morning fog that descended

And so our duty we did
Telling honestly of what we saw
Together we stood alone before his thrown
Until gold shivered within the palace wall
His anger and rage like thunder

Like a Collapsing mountain
Or a river that floods its banks
Or the lightning that destroys a tree
That once stood for a thousand years
So our time at the foot of power was over

Ripped out our guts and put them back
Say "Run! Run you dastardly fool!"
But we knew he was the fool and this didn't bring comfort
Loyalty only lasts as long as you have
Good things to say
Companionship will never match up to
The brutal truth of the whip
And the strike of words and lashes
~Hunt for the Travelers~

Reigning over the rain of blood,
Dripping from the sky

~The Decision~

We all had our reasons, and all six are accounted for within this message to whomever fate appoints to read.
It was quite a while before a decision could be made,
Painfully made- it was

She believed that her shattered love could be put back together again
She holds onto the idea that of the King;
Onto the man that she once knew.
She'll break when she realizes that he is gone and she must love anew.

Fear to create and fear to begin and fear to change,
The decision is made
We asked the stars last night
The winds of fate agreed
The hands of time conceded
The voice of destiny granted
The heart of magic set
The mind of harmony complied
The feet of grace permitted
And the laws of symmetry allowed

~The Quest~

Six appointed and six anointed
From Royalty to Rags
Six will wander and six will search
Carrying Fate's heavy bags.

The time will come when time runs out
For the travelers out on the quest
Souls give their breathing and burdens up
Death as inevitable as the final test.

Stars take pity
And the circle will call
Replacements to recycle
The search for King's downfall.

Teachers play a crucial role
In their student's life
And so they'll mentor a new breed of travelers
In Fate, survival and strife.

Poem's to stir up hidden thoughts
Powers bestowed again
A team for support and security
Off to find the end.

Broken promises and sunken eyes
Mist and haze fade in and out
Lies and secrets are inevitable
Separation caused from doubt.

As new sets of wanderers paint their canvases
New prophecies will form and align
To build the day of finality
Previous stories unknown, but point to the final sign.

Twelve sets of powers repeated
And six rounds
On the sixth repetition of the first set
Victory resounds.

Symmetry that cannot be denied
Three years tell the appointed time
An dates shall follow similar suit
Relying on the rhyme.

Three keys and three locks
An a cave filled with mystery
When prophecies made along the way are complete
The final group will create history.

History is assumed, but still unknown,
Great wonders tried to explain,
So many theories, and so many words,
But to the traveler the answer is plain.

Not being for another universe, nor time,
Nor a religion is set in these stones,
Far from the fallout, and far from the scene,
On Fantasy's oldest grey bones.

Scattered in layout, but circular in size,
With two supports, and a roof.
But fate blurs the burial site,
And you can't always prove the proof.

So travel, dear travelers, and find fate for all,
Duty exceeds thy want,
No castle, no time for the solstice has marked,
Not the day, but the place of haunt

Six together and six alone
Will finish destiny's scheme
Living lives alike to those
Who were the first victims of destiny's dream.

Upon that day when it all is over
Six will rise up out of the dust
And ashes won't hinder the lives they'll life
Eventually they'll adjust.

Still the stars will glimmer above
Proud of the travelers still
And sixty chapter and stories told
A house given up in free will.

There were many prophecies besides these, but they are other stories for other days...

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