Abused or loved?

Abused or loved?

This story is about a girl named Veronika aka Nikki who falls in love with her captor Derrick - he loves BDSM ;P Although it doesn't get dirty for a few chapters, although it is rough

Chapter 1


I woke up in a king size bed, hands cuffed to the headboard. I drowsily looked around, taking in my surroundings. The walls were blood red, the furniture was mahogany, the cloth on the chairs was red or black lace, the covers on the bed were black with red flowers - roses I think. I groaned as I was suddenly overwhelmed with a migraine and closed my eyes, shaking my head to try to shake it off.
"What's wrong?" I heard a husky, masculine voice beside me ask.
"Where in the fv^k!ng Hell am I?" I growled in anger, masking utter and total fear, as I reopened my eyes, risking making my migraine worse.
"Hundreds of miles away from the closest town. Don't bother trying to escape, no one will even think about where you are or notice you're missing." The man sitting in the chair to the left of the bed was tanned, tattooed, VERY well built, had brown hair and green eyes, and was gorgeous. What am I saying?! He kidnapped me and cuffed me to his bed! At least he had the decency to put me under the covers and keep me dressed.
I growled at him again and slitted my eyes in response, making him smirk and chuckle at my expense. He leaned forward and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand. I quickly turned my head and bit his thumb hard enough to draw blood, spitting it back in his face.
"You b!t^h!" He swore and slapped me HARD with the back of his unharmed hand. I could feel my right cheek throbbing and knew that I had a neon red print on my cheek. Licking my lip, I tasted blood both on my lip and on the inside of my cheek. He bent down, leaning over me, and thrusted his face directly above mine, making our noses touch. "DON'T bite me or spit on me, next time I won't just hit you."
"Keep your hands away from my face and I won't be able to bite you. Lookie here, I just solved your problem." I snarled and smirked at him with a sly glint in my eyes.
He slapped me again, the same side he hit earlier. "No backtalk either whore. You're mine now, all MINE." He stood up and walked over to the door. "I'll be back Nikk, I hope you're more cooperative then for you're own sake." He opened the door and turned back to me. "Actually, keep the bad attitude, I like hitting you." He smirked at me before closing the door behind him, leaving me to wonder who the fv^k he is and how he knows my nickname, only my parents call me Nikk, everyone else calls me Nikki or Veronika when they're pissed at me.

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