Abused or loved?

Abused or loved?

This story is about a girl named Veronika aka Nikki who falls in love with her captor Derrick - he loves BDSM ;P Although it doesn't get dirty for a few chapters, although it is rough

Chapter 2

Slutty or cute?

Someone slapped me, instantly waking me up and causing me to go to instinctively slap them back. My hand was cut short within a second, I looked up to find my wrists handcuffed to the headboard of a bed and memories flooded back. Looking up to see who slapped me, I recognized the man who was in this room with me yesterday. "What the Hell was that for?" I yelled at him.
He slapped me again. "No yelling, the first one was because you were sleeping, I needed to wake you up."
"You slapped me to wake me up? You could've just shaken me." I glared at him as he pulled the sheets down to my knees, revealing that I was wearing a dress I didn't recognize. It was gorgeous and EXTREMELY revealing.
"Like I said this morning, I like hitting you. And it's easier." He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over me, placing his hand on my other side beside my hip. "You truly are a rare specimen. I didn't believe my source until I finally saw you before me" He murmured, not aware that he was talking out loud.
I flinched away from him, into the bed, causing him to glower at me and push his face into mine."You are mine, I guess you didn't understand that earlier, you will understand today. I can promise you that."
"Can I at least know the name of my captor since you know mine so well." I asked him, still cringing.
"Derrick, but you will call me Master, Sir, or my lord. Understand?" He whispered in my ear threateningly.
"Yes." I nodded and glanced at his neck.
"Yes WHAT?!" He growled angrily and bit my earlobe.
"Yes sir." I replied with a gasp of pain and surprise.
"Now you get it, good girl." Derrick pulled away enough to look at me and traced a line from my throat to the top of my dress with the hand I bit earlier. He looked up from his hand to my face and kissed me gently. I kissed him back, not wanting to get hit again, and let him reach around me to unzip the dress and pull it down. He removed the dress, leaving me in a matching red and black set of undergarments. He then sat up and left the room, taking the dress with him and leaving me laying in just a bra and thong on the bed. "I'll be back around noon with lunch."

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