Abused or loved?

Abused or loved?

This story is about a girl named Veronika aka Nikki who falls in love with her captor Derrick - he loves BDSM ;P Although it doesn't get dirty for a few chapters, although it is rough

Chapter 3


I'd been staring at the door waiting for Derrick to come back, stomach rumbling, since i woke up - about 4 hours ago. The door finally opened and Derrick came in, holding a tray with a bowl and glass on it. He chuckled and set the tray down on the nightstand. "you're up." He sat on the edge of rhe bed. "Hungry?"
"Starved." I answered honestly, using the cuffs to pull myself into a sitting position.
Derrick picked up the bowlvand a spoon, I automatically knew he was going to feed me himself. He dipped the spoon into the bowl and lifted the spoon up to my mouth. I let him feed me until the bowl and glass were completely empty.
"Better?" He asked.
I nodded and realized he hadn't slapped me today yet. "Why are you suddenly being nice ro me?"
"Why are you suddenly being cooperative?" He shot back with a raised eyebrow, making me laugh.
"Good point." I replied as he leaned over me, exactly the same way he did yesterday, so that our noses touched. Simply staring up at him, I let him stay there without doing anything.
He stayed there for a few minutes, then sat back up. "Lay down, slut." He ordered.
I shimmied down, frustrated that i couldn't use my arms/hands. "Yes sir." I said sarcastically with an eye roll.
He automatically slapped me. "No sarcasm b!t^h."
I glared at him and tried to find a more comfortable position, it was hard since I could only be on my back and my hands were cuffed above my head. He climbed on top of me, on his hands and knees, straddling me, but our bodies didn't touch. Derrick bent down so that our noses almost but not quite brushed. He lowered his head beside mine - I could feel his stubble brush my cheek - and kissed down to the middle of my neck then bit me, HARD. I gasped from the sudden pain and pleasure, knowing I'd have a bruise there in an hpur, maybe less. He kissed back up to my mouth, flicking his tongue over my bottom lip to tease me but didn't kiss my eager, waiting lips. I pouted at him, making him laugh and cluck his tongue. "Those who are too eager don't get any."
I poted and yanked on the cuffs, hearing the satisfyinf sound of metal on metal. Derrick glared at me, taking my wrists and slamming them against the headboard. "Bad girl." He got up, taking the tray with him and left the room. "I'll be back when I get bored."

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